[Auction] 12 double chests of discs (one of each type)

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  1. Hi Empire!
    Today I am holding an auction of 12 double chests (DC) of music discs, one of each type. My last auction for a double chests of mixed discs went for 16.5k. I think this is worth over 60k.

    Item: 12 double chest of discs (1 double chest of Stal discs, 1 of 11 disc, 1 of Wait disc (Record 12), 1 of chirp disc, 1 of far disc, 1 of cat disc, 1 of ward disc, 1 of blocks disc, 1 of mall disc, 1 of strad disc, 1 of mellohi disc and 1 of 13 disc.

    Starting bid; 20,000 rupees

    Minimum bid increments: 1000 rupees

    Auction ending: This auction will end 48 hours after last valid bid

    Pick up: 6681 (smp3) in access chest room
    2013-02-01_17.45.26.png 2013-02-01_17.45.30.png 2013-02-01_17.45.21.png
    2013-02-01_17.45.17.png 2013-02-01_17.45.13.png 2013-02-01_17.45.07.png 2013-02-01_17.45.03.png 2013-02-01_17.44.57.png 2013-02-01_17.44.11.png 2013-02-01_17.43.58.png 2013-02-01_17.44.05.png 2013-02-01_18.04.22.png

    Happy Bidding!

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  2. oh my.... how did you.... what the.....
  3. OMG! But me can't bid!
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  4. Will you lower the start price?
  5. I think the starting price is fair because the whole thing cost over 60k
  6. 60k is high, I did the math. But you got 15k here if you're willing
  7. The starting bid is 20k and I have now a leader that is jkjkjk182
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  8. I have this exact auction ready to be posted... So I guess from the looks of it... I should start way lower... lol...
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  9. Nah, You should start at 20k
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  10. bump. jkjkjk182 in the lead with 20k!
  11. Bump! Wolves in the lead!
  12. I would bid for this amazing offer, but unfortunately, im banned forever :(
  13. Why u are diamond supporter if u are banned? Appeal!
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