[Auction] 12 DCs of things you don't really need!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by MrColt45, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. Item(s):
    DC of Seeds
    DC of Beetroot Seeds
    DC of Cocoa Beans
    DC of Melons
    DC of Pumpkins
    DC of Cactus
    DC of Raw Fish
    DC of Rotten Flesh
    DC of Spider Eyes
    DC of Feathers
    DC of Grass Blocks
    DC of Dirt!

    Starting bid: 1r
    Min bid increase: 54r
    Auction end time: 27 hours after the last bid
    Pickup and preview: The Hoard @ 18721
  2. 1r
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  3. ninjad! 2k!
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  4. 2,054 :p
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  5. 5k :)
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  6. Likes for everyone!
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  7. Bring up my trash!
  8. 5100r
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  9. 5500r
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  10. 5600r
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  11. Yay, useless stuff! :D An auction especially for me! :p

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  12. No Tom, these are mine :)

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  13. 6100r
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  14. Tim, don't you think these belong on my residence? :p

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  15. 6300r
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  16. How 'bout my residence?

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  17. that dirt looks appealing :D


    (disclaimer: I honestly don't know why I bid on this other than "gee, fun!" and knowing I can actually pay for this).

    someone stop me! :eek:

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  18. Stop right now Shel cause these are mine :D

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  19. 6754 rupees say otherwise.

    Begun, the useless wars have!

    Wait.. that's a contradiction I think, considering how wars are often a tad useless in the first place. Not to mention the lame star wars quote being put into effect here. So yea, let me tell you a fun story which lasts for 27 hours after which I'll be deemed the winner while you're still... drats, gave away my secret. Have at least 27 minutes past so far? No? #fail.

    Time for my dirty trick!

    It's 22:00 local time (time of writing): most likely (hopefully :D) your bedtime. So yeah.... Don't worry, I got this auction for you :)
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