[Auction] 10DC of Sandstone

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  1. Items: 10DC of Sandstone
    Starting Price: 10,000r
    Minimum Bid Increments: 200r
    Ends: 36 Hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: (/v 5717 pickup) Utopia
    Preview available at pickup location!
  2. Does this mean ur not reopening?
  3. Please limit posts to bids or questions about the auction only. And, no it doesn't. This auction is for me to gauge my prices.

    Sorry to post so soon, no more posts on this auction from me until tomorrow :)
  4. These are mine... :eek:

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  5. 11k
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  6. 25252r
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  7. *licks lips* 27k
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  8. 27772r
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  9. But these are mine... :eek:

  10. lets not do this 50k
  11. 61k
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