[Auction] 1 Dragon Egg (completed)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Spyrovsgnorg, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. 1 Regular Dragon Egg
    Starting bid 300k or 300,000 r
    Auction Ends 24 hours after last valid bid
    minimum bid incitement 1,000 r or 1k

    this is a rare item (the rarest block in the game) only 26 in existence. happy biding. :)
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  2. This is NOT true as far as I know.

    Also, I suggest lowering the starting bid to get more bidders, but that's totally up to you to decide.
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  3. You are right. The rarest item is the ICC Birthday Suit.
  4. I recall there are a few more one-of-a-kinda items out there, I can't remember their names right now.
  5. well what i mean is in vanilla minecraft and i'm aloud to lower the price?
  6. i can't edit it and i wana make starting price 200-300k
  7. Just state what you want it to be and a moderator will change the OP.
  8. can i have the starting price 300k?
  9. 300k my good man.
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  10. There should be 133 of these in existence on EMC plus the 7 originals
  11. did you bid or not can't tell?
  12. yes i done bid. ;)
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  13. done
  14. 307k

    The Empire Wafffle is a 1 of kind item I believe.
  15. 309k and I'm out.
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