[Auction} 1 DC of Sea lanterns

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  1. item: 1 Double Chest of Sea Lanterns
    starting bid: 5,000
    min increase: 100r
    End time: 48 hours after last valid bid

    *note: if i do not respond within the 2 hours of the end of the auction. Please Pm me!*
  2. you need to bid higher than 5k....
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  3. in order to receive a valid bid
  4. 5.6k
    I think 5 k was a valid starting bid, since you didn't bid on your own auction right?
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  5. I'm almost positive a bid of 5k is not, only because it would be the same as original with no increase. If it was 5,100 it would be valid
  6. If the starting bid was 5k, he/she could have bid 5k.

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  7. Alright I didn't realize that, thanks
  8. Mad, 5k is the starting bid, which means someone has to bid 5k to start the bidding x3
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