[AUCTION] 1 DC of Brick Blocks

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  1. Hello again EMCers! It's rburke5786, I'm the Dark Angel of smp5. Welcome to my 34th Auction!

    It's time to auction off yet another DC of Brick Blocks! These have been selling like hotcakes in the auctions, so I thought after I got the Melon Slices off of my wings I thought let's auction off Brick Blocks next. Those who have missed out on buying these Bricks Blocks, now is another chance!;)

    Item: 1 DC of Brick Blocks
    Minimum Start Bid: 25,000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Closing Time: Thursday, October 13th @ 6:00 PM CDT (7:00 PM EMC Time)

    Auction Pickup Information: Use command "/v 10225 auction1" while connected to smp5. Per shop policy, I require payment first before the access sign is setup. When I see with my red eyes that I have received payment, I'll setup the access sign. I'll fly the Brick Blocks over to any server for free! Before I fly over to your server I need instructions on how to get to the drop off location, what do I type to get to it?

    Good Luck Everyone! :D
  2. 25,000r
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  3. 43k
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  4. 50k
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  5. *Flies down the auction list, grabs this thread, and drops it on top*

    Eclipsys is currently in the lead with 50,000r! Anyone willing to dig in their pockets a little deeper and out bid that? We'll find out...
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  6. *Flies down the auction list again, grabs this thread, and drops it on top*

    19 hours remain in the auction!
  7. 55k
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  8. *Flies down the auction list again, grabs this thread, and drops it on top*

    Eclipsys is back in the lead after a short battle with M4ster_M1ner with a bid of 55,000r!

    Anyone willing to outbid that? We'll find out... 8 hours remain in the auction.
  9. Auction Closed

    Victory goes to Eclipsys with 55,000r! Thanks to everyone who participated and better luck next time. Once payment is received and the auction items have been picked up I'm going to fly outta here, I'll be back with more auctions! ;)
  10. Paid! can you put up access for my alt iEclipsys? I'm far out in the wild on 5 with my main.

    Thanks =)
  11. Consider it done. ;)
  12. picked up, thanks!