Attention Tall Peoples of Empire!

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  1. Ok so I have this problem and its quite simple. Im short. For my age (above 18, Wont specify further than that) I'm only 5'6 while even my EMC friends who are like 16,17 or above, are taller than me up to like 6'5. I don't know what Im doing wrong to not be growing. For those of you who are tall; Do you drink lots of milk, exercise regularly or what? I hate being short and find it rather hard to date any girls here IRL because they all want TALL MEN. TALL TALL TALL!!!! So I'd like some feedback on ways to start my growth to being tall again. It may just be genetics like some say but every1 else in my family is 6 feet or taller. Why am I so short?
  2. Genetics and coffee...
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  3. It'll just be genetics and possibly your lifestyle. At your age, you're not going to grow any taller. Someone told me this the other day, between the ages of about 12 and 27 girls are only going to be interested in the good looking idiots. After that age, they'll look for someone who really cares.

    You just need to wait for the right person to come along.
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  4. Yeah, genetics. Although some people have late growth spurts. When my oldest brother got married in his early twenties he was not much taller than his wife and then he grew a couple more inches. She actually didn't like that because she actually didn't like being the only one so short.

    Bottom line is that height is not even close to being the deciding factor in a serious relationship. Studies have shown that the number one factor for men and women in being attracted to someone else is their ability to make them laugh. If women are telling you you're not tall enough then that's just their way of letting you down gently without saying they're not into you (or they are shallow women who aren't ready for a real relationship anyway). If you are just assuming that's why women don't want to date you, either you're just imagining things, there could be something else about your personality that is actually a turn-off and that you could work on (Ask a female who is a close friend to give you an honest assessment), or it could just be that you have an unrealistic expectation about how quickly you should be finding someone compatible.
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  5. Genetics. I never oversize or drink milk. I've just always been taller then a lot of people, even at a young age.
  6. Why do I agree with this statement so much?
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  7. Because, it's true, somewhat...
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  8. I am probably one of those tall people since i am 14 and 6'2 :p. Height is not really something you can change at your age, unfortunatley. The only reason there can be is genetics. I have a lactose intolerance so i do not drink a lot of milk, but working out is always a good thing, but it does not increase height.

    What mba said about girls is true, so keep an eye out for the right lady, and there will be less girls wanting a man for the wrong reasons as life goes on. While working out and drinking milk are not necessarily going to make you grow, it is important in building muscle mass. Getting extra fit is more likely to turn a girls head than being tall (slenderman is living proof). A gym membership is always a good investment, but there is still a ton you can do with your own body weight at home.

    The most important thing is to be yourself and be happy with yourself. While there are a lot of immature girls in your age group, there are still civilized women who know what is most important. Be happy, be a gentleman, be kind, and be yourself.
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  9. Some people have one growth spurt, some have two. The second spurt generally happens between 18-25, so you probably shouldn't rule growing taller out just yet. I ,too, am cursed with being short (5'5.5"), so I feel your pain. But, relating to girls, you don't have to be tall. You just have to find a short girl too, and hope for a genetic miracle. Besides, short girls are way better than the average height or tall girls.
    • They don't screw around with your car seats.
    • They don't constantly shift their legs due to not having enough room.
    • They don't know what is on the top shelf so they don't ask for it.
    • They don't make you feel like a wimp by eating more than you.
    • They have little legs so they despise jogging as much as you do.
    • When you hug them, their isn't some awkward "whose arms go on top" battle.
    • Statistics show that they are almost 10x more likely to like Pokemon.
    • They can't reach the thermostat.
    • You can scare them easier.
    • etc.
    As you can see, there is overwhelming reason to go with a short girl.
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  10. There are no short girls I know of in California. Well short in comparison to me. Either they are all my height or taller but the ones here don't want someone their height or slightly taller . They want some 6'2 giant thats handsome. Neither of which I am. :c
  11. I was actually on the short side a few years ago. After I changed medication (for autism) I suddenly started growing. I'm pretty tall (about 1.85 m) and still growing (15 years old). I have way underweight though (about 55 kilograms).
  12. Being short never bothered me, I actually like being short.
    Also, pretty much every girl that's liked me was taller than I am.
  13. I'll put this very simply for you:
    A woman who judges you solely by your appearance is not a woman worth keeping.

    Though I'd say the first step to solving your problems is getting the heck out of CA as soon as possible... ;3
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  14. As someone who would be considered 'tall'. It is really out of your control, assuming you are not inhibiting normal growth. You either will, or will not be tall. :/

  15. California is a pretty large place, with one of the largest and most diverse populations in the world. Your chances of finding someone here are actually pretty good. There are lots of other places in the U.S. where your choice of women is waaay more limited. If you do live in a rural area or somewhere that the population is not as diverse, consider a short-distance move to another city. Perhaps just a change of scenery will give you a different perspective. Otherwise, just give it some time.
  16. Its okay.. I already decided that Im not gonna try to date another girl for a long long time..Maybe never again..Im just done trying.
  17. I see you've gone pretty sad on the subject now but have you ever considered you might be a celiac? Eating gluten can stunt your growth if you're celiac, I myself am 14 and 5'9 but in my opinion, it's all down to your genes,vI have a friend who's family is around 6 foot and he's 13 and 4"11, his brother is up to his chest and he's 11, always remember there's someone in a worse position than you.
  18. I can sympathize with to be honest! I've always had a problem with my height, I'm only 5"2 and old enough to be fully grown! I only realized that I was shorter than the average at about 18. On my first day in the Army back in 97 I was put in a parachute bag and ran down to the gym for my first PT lesson, needless to say I was very embaressed! I've learnt to embrace my height as my Mum used to say "Good things come in little packages"! :)
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  19. To add onto the Genetics. My Mum was 5"0 where her sister was nearly 6"0. So my brother and me are 5"2 and 5"4 where my cousins are 6"4 and 6"6! lol
  20. Being tall has its drawbacks as well, you shouldn't bother yourself with something as little as this. If a girl wants to judge someone on something as petty as height then let her, she isn't worth fighting for if that is the case. Being tall is mostly down to genetics and stuff so there isn't really anything you can do :(, there are ways to stunt your growth but I've never heard of ways of increasing growth other than the old torture machine, known as the rack. In my case being tall is kind of a hindrance, as i am naturally really skinny i look ridiculously lanky. It's nothing special in my opinion but if you think being tall is a big deal then I'm not gonna judge. I am almost certain you have other defining qualities than height that others do not have, so embrace who you are! :)
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