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  1. Hey everyone.

    Just letting you all know that I removed a bunch of fake bids from a player called
    The1Call2Die4. I THINK I got them all, but just incase I didn't, his bids are invalid. He was banned over a year ago and I guess this is him making a comeback? lol...

    Funny thing is, if he would have appealed, it was so long ago and before square that I don't even know what it was for and would have granted him a second chance. Unfortunately now he has a mark on his account reminding us to never unban him.

    Some people...
  2. Thanks ICC!
  3. I knew something was up when he was bidding such outrageous amounts of rupees for things that could be bought for less than a quarter of the rupees he bid.
  4. yep crazy ppl :p
  5. I like how his grand plan of coming back to take down EMC is placing a few fake bids.
  6. Seems like this should be one of those memes. I'm not sure which one though. Someone make me proud!
  7. Lol!
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  9. Yes he is bidding a lot in all auctions. He bidded 35k in mine and 125k in another one. Thnx icc the Great!
  10. Is he site banned?
  11. This is the best I could come up with.

  12. Wait I can't see my own meme... Can someone post a picture of it here? Lol
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