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    The Mojang legacy session servers just went down, so you can still play if you are logged in but you can't connect to any server again. Just a warning.
  2. Aw... do you know when it's going to go back on?
  3. Aw, whoop de doo. The cleaner maid at the Mojang office tripped over the login servers plug-in cord, wonderful.
  4. This sucks... I just got back from my chores...
  5. No clue, as soon as Mojang can fix it. They always try their best but it can take any amount of time depending on what happened on their end.
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  7. Right lol, mybad. Either way current players online can stay online but new connections will not be supported.
  8. Well, time for solo skyblock! Yeah! :cool:
  9. This is not good, windylava is having a drop party in just over an hour, and I REALLY want to go to it :( I hope it is back up then because I really wanted to see the grand opening!
  10. Damn a dp is going to start in 2 hrs at SMP 2...
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  11. Ugh. better be better by 7 pm. (Windylava's drop party)
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  12. it starts at 4:00 PM PST ,so in about an hour...
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  13. I hate Mojang. Oh yes I do. It is being. A piece of poo. Oh please do mojang. Be more careful. You just ruined 12 million
    people lives.
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  14. Then why are playing MC then, LEAVE!
  15. On the site is says Mojang is aware, so hopefully it is a quick fix from here ~FD
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  16. No. MC if fun. But Mojang is always a butt. Bring back Notch :l
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  17. *Puts on nerd glasses*

    Technically, 12 million people are from all around the world. Assuming the said downtime is taking place during an applicable time period for half of that, 6 million players would be affected by said downtime. Around 2-3 million of those would be active, and only 10% of those would probably want to get online right at this said moment. Therefore, only 200-300k people would be potentially affected. :)
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  18. He is busy with scrolls and cobalt...
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  20. Notch-interview-portrait.jpg
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