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  1. this atheist thread is a thread for atheists (or any nonbeliver) to come and find encouragement in Science. you can post songs, pics, or links to encourageing things here.
    PLEASE NOTE!!: if you belive, then please don't post your opinion in this thread.
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  2. plz remove that post, thank u.
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  3. I'm sorry, but it will.
    But anyway, a compromise to be had.
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  4. opinions of unbelievers only in this thread
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  5. oh, yes. i'm going to have fun with this thread! :D

  6. I think your just trying to sound like Mr. Christian guy...
  7. yeah, just a tad, i agree, we shouldn't be that way though. if you do that, that just shows we are like them.

    said the yellow lion, in a pack of purple lions.
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  8. i disagree, plz leave the thred.
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  9. LOL what did I just read? Yellow lion? Pack of purple lions ?
    yep, i'll be back, i pissed myself laughing so hard.
  11. Hmm, is this a knock off of the "christian thread"? ;)
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  12. i really don't like you mocking me in this way. it is really disrespectful
  13. no, since people who don't believe in god, don't want to intrude on that thread, another has been made for the same purpose. ^.^
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  14. being mean is only going to get this thread locked, and i'd rather we not do that. lmfao
  15. Everyone should read Punk Rock Jesus right now. It is one of the greatest comic books ever written.

    Also, I posted this song on the christian thread and I think I will here to, because it is an awesome song.
  16. I can sense a thread lock soon since this thread is only attracting fights.
  17. yes it is. they are just being rude to me, and i don't like it. So, the term, "treat others as you would have done unto you", is going into affect right now!
  18. You were rude to other people first...
  19. Suddenly, when the odds are against you, grammar and punctuation come in.(Sorry just a comparison I made from the other thread you made). You were also being disrespectful to others so really, practice what you preach.
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