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  1. Well today I thought ''Wouldn't it be cool if I made an association? (Rather than the PDOA at my first res)'' and had this Idea....

    I would like everone's opinion on what to do. If I choose to use your idea you will be the Co-founder of it. To enter the association you will have to pay an amount of rupees around 15-30r. If you are the Co-founder you will get half of the money the association will earn. If the Association some how becomes very succesfull the money to enter obviously will rise and the money to enter will be used to improve the association.

    I'll accept any ideas, BUT i'll only choose one. So start thinking :D
  2. So much ideas taken.
  3. Hmm...what would the 'association' do? Is it just an organisation which offers membership and nothing else? Or are you looking for ideas for what you could do?
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  4. Well i'm actually looking for ideas for what to do in the ''association'' and If you would like, maybe change the money needed to join and such. Just to give me Ideas On What To Do
  5. So... you want to make something, but you don't know what. Is that right?
  6. mhm