Ask ME questions!

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  1. Well, everyone else has been doing this, so ask me ANYTHING!yes, I mean ANYTHING.
  2. Ho do you make ununoctium?
  3. Why dont you love me?
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  4. Where is one place you want to travel before you die?
  5. You make it with...118 electrons :p

    My lOve is reserved for one person and one person only.

    And I know this may seem stupid, Kells, but...the Vaticana.
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  6. so who are you (⊙o⊙)
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  7. What is your shoe size?
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  8. Why did the chicken cross the road?
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  9. Why do I live? What is the point of life?
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  10. Am I special?
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  11. Italy.
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  12. Can I have some ice cream?
  13. Does Xenon have any compounds
  14. I am the Kirby that is feared and revered.

    I am a size 9

    The chicken crossed the road because it felt like it. Dont question its motives.

    No sneeker, at least not to me, seeing as I have NEVER talked to you :confused:

    Serialkicker you can only have Ice Cream if you can assassinate my greatest competitor, the Ice Cream Cow.

    No oidgod, Xenon does not have any compounds, as it has 8 electrons in its outer shell, so it cannot combine with anything else either.
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  15. how many holes in a crumpet? how many bumps on a basketball?
  16. HAH!!!! Xenon some would say is the least noble noble gas. It can form only a couple Compounds with florine.
  17. Crimpet holes...IDK

    9,342,059 bumps on a regulation basketball
  18. Who is the best person on emc?
  19. Lol.
    Who came first, the chicken or the egg?
  20. Noone is better than others except me lol jk