[Art] Against you

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  1. (I can see mistakes, no no no. May fix soon)

    Drawn to:
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  2. Okay, in Happy Wars they just added horses.

    If you just sit there and watch them for a minute, the plop onto their butt and start chewing on their back hoof. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Think you could draw that? :D
  3. I'm not taking requests?
    Why am I being requested things? ; - ;
    I cant even
  4. Anything? Nah..
  5. The title
  6. Ohhhhh
    *Im just the greatest*

    Edit: Less confusing title soon hopefully
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  7. LOL then what is this thread?
  8. It's her showing a drawing she drew :)
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  9. ...oh. XD
  10. Thanks whoever changed the title, I think it sounds more violent then it should but it at least makes more sense haha
    Any comments on the shading? I tried it a little bit heavier and more detailed then usual, figuring out the right shades was pretty hard but after that it was fairly easy... trying out new styles anyway....