Armour Kits, Tools, Swords and Butter.

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  1. Starting a New thread as the previous is cluttered and all orders have been complete.

    Enchanted Kits here:

    Butter Kit LOL

    Includes Full Gold Armour for just 200r

    Diamond Kit!
    Includes: Diamond Helmet, chest-plate, pants and shoes.
    Diamond pickaxe, axe, shovel and sword.

    Diamonds Excavator Kit! 2 Diamond Pickaxes, 5 diamond shovels. 525r.

    Iron Kit!
    Includes:Iron Helmet, chest-plate, pants and boots.
    Iron pickaxe, axe, shovel and sword.
    Total cost of 165r (Extremely Cheap!)

    Iron Excavator Kits! 2 Iron Pickaxes, 10 Iron Shovels 100r!

    ADDED! IF you are a new member (joined EMC less than 10 days ago) I will give you One Iron Kit FOR FREE! (One Per Person) You must Post/ Comment if you want a kit, while stocks last!

    AXEMAN Kit!
    Iron Axes (10 pack for 50r), Diamond Axes (2 pack for 275r)
    Includes 5 pine sapling, Oak or Birch...

    You must comment below so I can prepare a kit for you then pay me and I will set up a chest at my res with access to you.

    I need jungle sapling as well, for every 10 sapling of jungle you donate I will give you a go at me MACHINE GUN Dispenser with randomly selected things (Includes Sandstone, Stone Brick and A few Logs)
  2. I do like your thread, And I am also a new member. I don't want the helmet (It kind of screws up my mc skin.)
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  3. Oh, I forgot... When I do get the money, I will buy your kits :D
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  4. Currently have plenty of stock!
  5. Hmm. Ok, I`m still earning my fair share of money... Hey, what did you need done again? I`ll get it done
  6. They haven't yet got the courage to ask, but could I please grab one for Spiffy122 and one for Scruffaroony? Search their names, they are new.

    Thanks, and if you say yes, I will come grab them ASAP, on behalf of them. Just as a present :)
  7. Yeah sure!!! No worries. All you gotta do is ask! I shall set up a chest for YOU and you can deliver and what not.
  8. I asked for the free Iron set when I was available for this! You didn't gave me one... :c you just told meh to wait.
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  9. I said for you to PM me... You never my previous thread was filled with orders.
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  10. Thanks!!
  11. You did? :confused: I don't remember..
  12. Your kits are ready! :D
  13. I will come and pick them up as soon as I am allowed Minecraft time.
  14. I can't get on the server until... Thursday...
  15. Its just gonna sit there, dont worry! I still have customers who have not picked up for... a month :(
  16. Um second floor!
  17. I saw it, lol, I was lagging through your shop :)
  18. Hahaha its the amount of signs in there!
  19. Please could I Have Butter Kit!
  20. I'd love an Iron Kit.

    I'll pay you as soon as I can!