Enchanted Armour Kits

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  1. how much for a scuba diver kit and the lava swimmer kit whenever you get them
  2. Roughly 12k Due do the rarity. Is that a fair price?
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  3. for the lava one that seems rather fair or is it for both?
  4. 12k each.
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  5. i would be willing to do 12k on the lava but only around 10k for the scuba
  6. Alright cool! Also is the protection IV worth that much?
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  7. a full set usually goes for more with certain enchants
  8. Great Idea!
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  9. What is "Bullet Proof"?
  10. Projectile protection.
  11. OHHH! Okay! So it would be good against ghasts? KEWL
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  12. Both the Mark III and Mark IV armour is available!
  13. When I get money... I will buy lava and scuba kits xD
  14. BUMP! Prices reduced, kits added.
  15. I would like the protevtion IV without the chest for about 6k is that ok ill be back online in a week bye
  16. The helmet has protection IV and respiration III so could you pay 6500r instead?