2515 Enchantment Store [SMP1]

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  1. PM me if things are out of stock!
    Selling armour, tools, books and weapons!

    Also Kits are Available!
    I am finally offering this service! (Expect delays of up to 7 days due to enchanting 8-10 items at anytime)

    Current Kits for sale (more will be added)
    Full Protection IV Armour "Mark IV"
    Price is:5k

    Full Protection III Armour "Mark III"+ Unbreaking III Diamond Pick
    Price: 2.8k

    Bullet Proof
    FULL Projectile Protection Armour ! (5k)

    Lava Swimmer

    Full Fire Protection Armour (5k)

    "Creeper Proof"

    Full Blast Protection Armour (5k)

    Scuba Diver

    Full Respiration Armour (4k)

    Extra cost for double or triple enchanted item (ask if I have) example: Respiration III, Fire Protection III

    NOTE: These are without UNB III ...