Ark's Potion Supply

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Are my prices fair?

Yes 31 vote(s) 86.1%
No (please pm me with what you think they should be) 5 vote(s) 13.9%
  1. Need a lot of potions but don't want to labor over a brewing stand? Look no further! Ark's Potion Supply is here! I sell all types of potions!

    Max on all potion orders is 5 DCs per potion type unless otherwise stated.

    Potion of Swiftness: 1,500r
    Potion of Strength: 1,600r
    Potion of Fire Resistance: 1,800r
    Potion of Instant Healing: 2,000r
    Potion of Regeneration: 2,200r
    Potion of Night Vision: 2,000r
    Potion of Leaping: 4,000r - Limit 2 DCs
    Potion of Poison: 1,500r
    Potion of Instant Damage: 1,800r
    Potion of Slowness: 1,700r
    Potion of Weakness: 1,600r
    Potion of Water Breathing: 2,100r

    *All prices are per DC

    Also, if you would like a second level potion, extended time or a splash potion, it will be 200r extra per DC.

    To order:

    Orders Spreadsheet:

    NOTE: I will be brewing the potions that are listed from the form. Please make sure you list exactly what you want as that is what I will be brewing and charging for. CHANGES WILL NOT BE MADE AFTER BREWING!
  2. bump! If you think my prices are too high, please vote and PM me with your suggestions :)
  3. Bump! Please actually send me a message if you think my prices should be changed.
  4. I would like the dc potion of swiftness. Can you deliver?
  5. How long does it take? like what is the expected delivery time? I set up a chest for it, did your form take the payment or do I still need to pay?
  6. Delivered as promised. Prompt, friendly service. Thank you very much.
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  7. Per request, I have made it more clear that these prices are per DC of potions :)
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  8. bump! I have so many potions ready to be brewed and sold!
  9. I'd like two potions of regeneration DC. 3,400r correct?
    Also, I won't be officially "online" till 4:30 Central time.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I got it to load lol. I'll still be home later today though. Are you not selling those potions I mentioned above by the way?
  10. Yep, i will have them ready for you whenever you get on :) Assuming you don't get on right now :p
  11. so you would like 2 DCs of regen potions on top of the order you put into the form?
  12. Yes. I didn't see the regen potions on the google form list, so I'd pay a total of 10,000r for the entire bundle. Sound good?
  13. it would only be 6,000r for the potions.

    1 DC of Strength Potions
    1 DC of Health Potions
    2 DCs of Regeneration Potions
    No Modifiers

    Is this correct?
  14. Indeed correct. =) See ya in about four hours.
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  15. Order placed. I assume that you are now ready to sell Water Breathing and Leaping since it's after January 10, although I did not see a price for WB so I was not able to order them.