Are you ready?

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  1. It's almost time!

  2. It's going to be amazing, hoping to go to the midnight premiere.
  3. I think it's time for you to build another bag end.
  4. I can't wait!
  5. I really want to see it. Just can't wait.
  6. >.< Tired of waiting

    *I know this isn't from LoTR, from GoT :D
  7. I recently watched the LOTR complete extended series again...for the 20th time. :p
    It is about time this made an appearance though, even though it is another trilogy. :)
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  8. I NEED to see it!
  9. The world one is on wellington WOOT WOOT New Zealand...
    Speaking fo wich here is something cool...
  10. If I do Bag End again I'd have to do it with more detail.... we'll see :)
  11. Not another one!
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  12. It's close, that's Sean Bean, he was in both :p
  13. yep and died in both poor Sean Bean :p
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  14. just finished building this:

  15. Tolkien is an amazing writer, I read al the Lord Of The Rings. Twice. And the Hobbit. Twice.
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  16. I want a Hobbit Hole on my res :3
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  17. I am going to hold a contest, thanks for the inspiration
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  18. LEGO + LOTR???

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  19. yeah, that one is part of the Hobbit collection but they have released the first series in the LOTR collection as well. highly addictive!
  20. I assume that is a picture of you in the background.