Are you on SMP4?

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  1. If so post here I'm looking to follow every and any and only SMP4 players. SMP4 forever.
  2. smp4 rules
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  3. That is true, that is very true
  4. smp4 sucks
    im not sorry
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  5. No one asked for your opinion
  6. Agreed ;)
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  7. I did though. I can show you texts if you want?
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  8. Yes!!!
    Of course DJ did, you just didn't see it because your blind as a bat in the morning :)
  9. Thank you very much for saying my words :p
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  10. I see we have started yet another smp war...
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  11. I let my puppy outside and this happens...
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  12. All you smp8 people just want to be us. Sorry but smp4 rules.
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  13. Yusss!

    im a smp4 player but i also visit others too, like smp9. even got my own quad res on smp4, already planning some cool road edits 2 make my plot look larger. but b4 that i first need 2 finish my home (apartment) build ^.^
  14. This guy starts a thread to find other smp4 players. He doesn't even say smp4 is better than any other smp. And then members of other smps come just to say smp4 sucks.

    some community EMC is lol
  15. But I don't associate myself with any particular server anymore. ;)
  16. uhm... :confused:

    it wasnt the whole community but 1 player who said that. and knowing pengie i think it was a weird joke, nothing 2 get excited over.
  17. Getting excited over? I'm merely observing. And it was not just one guy, look up a bit.
  18. #SMP4forlife
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  19. Fixed it for you :)
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