Are you allowed to use alts?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Exent, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Hey to all my EMC people. I was wondering if I was allowed to use the alt I am going to get for a new plot, to vote, grab promos and all other kinds of things! ( I own this alt )

    If you see me on EMC I will have the username as BLACKSKULL55555
  2. Yes, It is allowed, I own four alts so no worries.
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  3. Ok thanks gtg :D
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  5. Alternative accounts are allowed. Many users have 5+, there was even a prank were Hash and Penguin tricked half the server saying they were alts; later reveled they weren't before**Hash's promotion :p
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  6. They revealed it long before Hash was promoted :confused:

    And yes, alts are allowed, I have too many of them.
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  7. Alts are allowed so long as they aren't publicly shared (or otherwise compromised). As long as you or a friend that lets you use it has full ownership, you can use them just fine :)
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  8. Took me a second to realise what you said then. Thought you said you can't tell people it's an alt :p
  9. How do you get alts with out paying for it
  10. and sorry I put this in the wrong category
  11. Many ways. All of which are against EMC rules. So don't do it.
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  12. Legally? Impossible.. It's just a regular Minecraft account.
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  13. oh ok how do you though
  14. Such a question is illegal to talk about on the Empire Minecraft forums, per our terms of service. Please do not discuss illegal activites like stealing Minecraft accounts or the use of compromised accounts.
  15. If you want to spend some quality time on EMC then you don't.

    It's illegal because you're more or less stealing / compromising someone else's account, I hope that should be enough to realize why this isn't appreciated around here.

    Edit: Ninja'd :)
  16. It was revealed about a week after it happened. Stuff went kinda wrong with it... it was fun though. :p

    And it was a bit more than 50%. ;)

    I completely believed it ------------16 ----30.2%
    I was mostly convinced ------------13 ----24.5%
    I half believed it ---------------------12 ----22.6%
    I barely believed it -------------------6 ----11.3%
    I didn't believe it at all --------------6 ----11.3%
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  17. Sorry, I meant to say before** Im still working on that kind of stuff, forgive me for that :)