Are you a promising video producer? Apply to join the EMC Stream Team!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Are you active in creating quality content about Minecraft or the Empire? If you have the set of skills required to produce tutorials, showcases and everything in between I encourage you to demonstrate them in a video about the Empire and send it to JackBiggin. You may find yourself as the newest members of the Empire's very own Stream team. :)

    Find out more information here:
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  2. I am rubbish at editing videos :p
  3. "a video about the Empire." Does it need to be a promotional video like advertising EMC, or can it also be videos demonstrating promos or something?
    I'd like to apply, but it's hard to know what I should make without a clear instruction, to me.
  4. Is it an issue if we can't actually get any footage ourselves? :p I can edit movies fine, but I can't run Minecraft above 18fps :p
  5. You're normally given a list of tasks you can do. Informational videos are normally required more than a promo one :)
  6. Can be a tutorial, feature spotlight, promo video, review, etc. Just as long as it revolves around EMC :)
    Sadly yes
  7. I am currently no good at editing videos, and my computer may need a little upgrade, but I'm sure I could develop my skills to the point where I might be able to give it a shot. :)
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  8. I don't have anything overly good to edit my videos with, but I've made some in the past with some basic tools and Fraps, so why not? May as well take a shot, right! :p
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  9. I can use Fraps and nvidea shadowplay but I don't have a mic besides the built in one to my bose headphones

    And I run 60+ fps at all times
  10. I am a relatively new youtuber with 9 subs. I record with lolio game recorder and use a Yeti Blue Microphone what the pros use. It would be a honor to be on the youtube team and i have a very good computer it has 1 tb on a the hard drive and 500 mb internal
  11. 500 internal wha? To apply, pm alexchance with a promotional video for EMC and a link to your channel.
  12. I wish I was a youtuber...
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  13. What does the video have to be like? I'm good at making video's
  14. Do we have to have a youtube channel? I enjoy shooting/editing videos, but don't currently want to take the time/make the commitment to start up my own channel...
  15. -------------------------
    I don't think so. AC doesn't post to a regular YouTube channel at all. :p
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  16. This is from the Wiki page
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  17. I will DEFINITELY look into this, meanwhile you can check my channel out. Google 'GamingAtYourFingertips' there's plenty of content there most of it filmed on EMC!
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  18. Right now though, i've got to find a QUIET place in the house to record...
  19. this is good news for me as now I'm in college I have access to much better editing software so I can start improving my EMC episodes for a second series. Also I'm going to be trying out building and server tutorials at some point.
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  20. I will try this...