Are Boats out to kill us?

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  1. I was bringing some items to my base out in the Frontier when I wanted to watch A Video On Youtube. So I parked my boat in a very nice place in the middle of an ocean. I decided I should bring the items first so I opened up Mc tab and I was dead... How? This has been happening a lot and I don't know why?
  2. It's part of the survival update: enraged squids. Of course I lie.
  3. WHAT?!
    Why would.. why would you even lie to us about that?!
  4. I see what you did their
  5. ^^^^^^^^^
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  6. Only supporters can safely AFK in the ocean.
  7. That perk was added in the survival update... non-supporters can get unlucky with the enraged squids that spawn after 10 secs of AFK.
  8. -_-
  9. I must say, nice photoshop skills :p I would actually laugh if this was true though xD
  10. Really, this isn't Photoshop.
  11. No fooling me :p
    I already checked O_O
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  12. I Hate Boats -_-
    Why cant we ride in these?
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  13. Because those aren't due till 2.0
  14. Seriously?
  15. you probly got struck by lightning/a squid broke your boat and you drowned
  16. It was a clean ''day'' And I Hate Squids Now...
  17. i believe there is a youtuber out there who invites people to his servers and pays people in diamond for their delicious ink
  18. Then why was I killed in the middle of an ocean in the middle of typing, and died, also, demon is a supporter...
    I know you are trolling... ;P
  19. #1 I have been killed from this before
    #2 There was no lightning or even a remotely raining
    #3 I was not afk at the time
    #4 There were no squids.
    #5 I died from hitting the ground too hard, not by drowning.
    #6 can you explain this?
    This has been happening a lot recently.
    Anyways, Demon, I hope a staff member can get your stuff back from this :p