[APRIL FOOLS 2013] EMC Oracle...

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  1. A (little? Pfft) fun that JackBiggin, Bigdavie, Aikar and myself created on SMP1. Thank you very much to Aikar and Davie for the staff side of things!

    Here's a collection of some of the fun.

    I hope you all enjoyed! :)











  2. Im in a couple of these pics yay!
    Edit: First
  3. Good times. :p
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  4. I like it. :p Apirl fools is the best day. You are nuts :)
  5. Well, I guess I better change my "All glory to the cow" shirt to say "All glory to AlexChance"
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  6. how did you do this :p
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  7. 2013-04-01_16.07.30.png 2013-04-01_16.31.58.png 2013-04-01_17.12.46.png

    Thanks guys for being so gullible. :)
  8. Shouldn't it be? [EMC TROLLACLE]
  9. tell me how you did this or i will spam your alerts with likes >: ( jk
  10. Everything that couldn't have possibly been done by me was done by Aikar/Bigdavie :)
  11. Lies. I really did hack square. :rolleyes:
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  12. You mean [CIRCLE]. :p
  13. Aww I missed it. I also find it hilarious that nick kid is still grumpy today. He was a bit of a grump yesterday at the drop party lol.
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  14. Haha, this was awesome :D
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  15. This was waaaaaay better than last years April fools joke :D
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  16. I did /report JustinGuy, and I got tempbanned, FAIL
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  17. As promised, here is the part of the joke that I got. Sorry for the lack of sound :(

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  18. Well, yes, abuse of the report system is not tolerated.
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