Apple vs Microsoft

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Which is better, Microsoft or apple?

Poll closed Jun 4, 2013.
Microsoft 29 vote(s) 46.0%
Apple 15 vote(s) 23.8%
I don't give a crap, I like them both. 19 vote(s) 30.2%
  1. This is continued from the thread "the new Xbox 1" thread. Please read everything there before posting here.
  2. Argument incoming.
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  3. I like to make Vbs and Batch files and you can't do that on a mac so I say Windows. Also I am a lot more familiar with it.
  4. So does my $350 laptop which is as powerful as a $1200 Mac Pro (last i checked).
    I hook my laptop up to 2 monitors and a LCD TV, a high res screen isnt that practical unless you never use a monitor. With the savings of going non-retina PC, you could get the best monitors out there.
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  5. Question about the poll: Why does it say "Microsoft" and then "Windows"? Aren't they the same?
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  6. First of all, you put Microsoft and Windows down as options. One is a corporation and the other is an operating system made by said corporation. With the obvious being said, let's begin.
    If I'm correct, you argued Macs were both "faster" and "more efficient". Using a Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display as a benchmark, let's find a similarly priced laptop and compare the two, shall we?
    First let's start with the Macbook Pro's (13 inch) specs.

    2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
    Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
    4GB 1600MHz memory
    500GB 5400-rpm hard drive
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    Built-in battery (7 hours)2
    Now I will be comparing this to my Asus G75VW (17 inch). Let's see what we can find.

    Intel® Core™ i7 3720QM Processor

    DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM, 4 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 32 GB SDRAM

    2.5" SATA Dual HDD, 1TB 5400

    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660M/670M with 2GB/3GB GDDR5 VRAM
    Looking pretty good for PC's so far, now isn't it? Let's find a laptop with very similar specifications.
    The Inspiron 14z (non-touch) is close enough to the Macbook Pro, although it is slightly higher in multiple areas. The total cost of that is about $600. The total cost of the Macbook Pro is about $1,200 dollars. Add to that the fact that Windows has far more support than Mac and you have quite the argument on your hands. I await your rebuttal.
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  7. Poor Linux....

    Anyway, I personally think that Windows should be used for games and such and Mac computers should be used mainly for work in general. A Mac can't really be as customizable as a Windows computer can.
  8. Since Windows has more programs, they are better for work IMO.
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  9. Actually, he compared using price, and then went on to compare using similar specs.
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  10. But as you can see, I clearly stated I used a similar price point. For about the same amount of money you could buy either. That was hardly the most powerful PC I can find by the way.
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  11. If we want to be realistic, take that same windows, and compare it with this.
  12. And there's another thing that I kinda forgot. Windows has a ton of more programs than Mac computers do, but then again they are ported over to the Mac OS. I just feel that a Mac has a sort of 'professional' feel to it, I don't really know how to describe it. Windows could be used for almost everything since it doesn't really have any limits to it when it comes to running programs. That sometimes depends on how powerful the computer itself is.
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  13. I personally perfer google :D

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  14. Yes, realistic. Lets compare a laptop to a desktop... very realistic -_-
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  15. Just hook that up with a lightning display, and there, you've got yourself a computer.
  16. That avoids the actual specifications, my comparison however, does not.
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  17. I have yet to understand why anyone would buy a Mac.
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  18. My $1300 desktop beats out a $3174 Mac Pro, and the specs for the mac pro are much less than my desktop. I can also play any game on ultra settings (maybe not far cry 3...).
  19. Okay, then compare with this. That's realistic.