Anyone remember when we freaked out over SOPA and CISPA?

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  1. I don't know - I think that that particular website might be a scam ... I really don't expect CISPA to ever be allowed for obvious reasons ...

    Just like with the wiki-leak case - spilling out information that should 'always be behind not just 'closed doors' but the people who made the information, and made it only'

    ... The only time online information should ever be allowed to be shared or used is in cases of murders, molestation cases, threat messages etc ...

    Even then - only the material found that is relevant to the case should be used, because basically .... Violating someone's computer's information is just like cracking into their brain, into personal information unintentionally exposed without permission. Henceforth doing so, violates freedom of speech .... freedom of speech is one's right to express his/her opinion 'freely' ... and if something is forcefully taken (information from one's thoughts) ... it is technically violating this right.

    This is my opinion ... but i'm always glad to share my thoughts , thanks for showing this.

  2. Even free wrights mumble servers?
  3. Who knows - as far as I know, if they went to the extent to do that, they most likely would also record our recordings and our calls at the same time that we start recording, and they would hire people to listen to anything 'suspicious' .. or in their case 'not suspicious as well' in what we say or do... Just ... it would be terrible to see it happen.

  4. I don't know if it is a scam but if you believe it is one, save your rating/comment here:
  5. What is the whole story of SOPA and CISPA?
    My memory needs a bit of refreshing.
  6. I recall the president saying he would veto stuff like that if it actually passed the houses.
  7. The people of the internet need to be going on the offensive, because I'm personally sick of us having to field attempt after attempt to shut down the internet in these various ways.
    I suggest we push for the Free Internet Act. The movement sort of died due to organizational and technical difficulties, but I really think it should be kickstarted again by a more collected and organized group of legislators than Reddit.
  8. The people of the world won't let it happen, but that doesn't mean that we should stop fighting it. Silly government officials... why push those bills when the people will just fight them?
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  9. Because money. One of the biggest disadvantages of a free market is that privately-owned business giants often collude with the media and the state to make sure they can still make money. In this case, the RIAA and the MPAA are the main driving forces behind this. They're crying piracy in order to shut the internet down, because the internet is a place where you can get data for free, and they want to sell it to you on CDs and DVD boxsets.
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