Anyone got screenshots of EMC ? #Old

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  1. Hello emc! I wanted to ask people that are very old to the server to show what emc looked before all the changes there is now (if you want :(). It's been a year and some dirt that I enjoy this server and here something I wanted to show :


    I miss the black arena :/ and I don't have a screenshot of the old blue sadly with that island thing.
    (I was doing the invisible parkour if you wonder why I'm this high)

    Lots of changes happened, 99% of them for the best (1% for black arena :mad:). Anyone got screenshots from more than a year old?
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  2. Are you looking for official EMC areas, or any old res?
  3. Here is one from November 2013, featuring the old TEXP king, Zabriel. (my old username was canuckshockey.)
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  4. Anything epic can be good.
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  7. Random shot:

    Photo of my mega mall:


    My wild town, Avalon:

    Bedrock road:
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  8. i have a lot of old screenshots of events like this

  9. i was like an event photographer lol. i'll stop now.
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  10. Sadly I never take photos :p I will try to look in my history
  11. bump anyone got more old pics of emc?
  12. I can post more if you want.
  13. Old black + 1.8 = New black. What's wrong with that?
  14. the holes lol they are out of place for my opinion
  15. Here's some really old ones I dug up from around 2012.

    And then I think this was some demonstration of nfell's photoshopping skills
  16. Only if I had my old computer that had all the screenshots :(

  17. this is the oldest I have got on this computter :( all the items on my old PC are deleted :(