Anyone feel like being nice and sharing a slime farm?

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I was wondering if anyone could send me the coords for a slime farm/chunks that they had left or never used. It would make my blaze and spider grinder prices lower, and would just really help me and my customers out. If you were using it, I would just leave them alone for you to use.

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  2. Heh wish I could find a slime farm
  3. Slimes aren't spawning currently. On at least two servers that I know of.

    My large farm used to spawn 15 or so at a time. I have not seen a slime in a week or better.
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  4. Same with me, I figured it was just temporary, is it not working for almost everyone?
  5. There are almost no natural spawns anywhere.
  6. I only found one on my latest expedition into the wild. Gave me 12 slime balls.
  7. oh i wish i had a slime farm i would turn it into a massive drop grinder!
  8. Whatz the problem? I had a slime farm! Its really not that hard to find! It just mine got griefed.....
  9. maby the slime chunks got reset?
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  10. Unfortunately I don't have time to go out and look :/
    With no warning?
  11. What she said ^

    Mobs are broken. The slime chunks can not be reset without resting everything. so that is not the problem. :)
  12. Yeah, I wait for 5 mins at my zombie grinder and it barely gives me any zombies/XP. Before it gave me tons of XP.
  13. Does anyone know if the mob spawning problem is being looked at? I want to find a couple of cave spawners and hook them up to a dark room spawner but atm it sounds like i'd be wasting my time.
  14. I normally only find one slime, just wandering around, so I have no idea where they come from :p. I haven't seen ANY slimes recently, that's probably why...
  15. Could I get some tips for making a slime farm? No matter how hard I try it just won't work... And yes, I know about the 1/10 formula and all that
  16. They need a lot of light, but not torches on the floor. Also they spawn only 24 blocks away from player, if i remember that right. And you probably know that they only spawn in the layers 6-40.
  17. They just are not working right now. But for future reference, (you did not word this well so I am answering the question I believe you asked me - which I think was how to locate slimes) the best way to find slimes is to just go out and dig around under ground. Anywhere between bedrock and lvl 40. My first slime farm - I went out into the wild and built a small underground base to use while I did things like dig sand, look for diamonds, cut trees. (I stock my own shop so I spend a lot of time gathering) I had built a rotating staircase into the earth under my base, it ended in a small open cave-ish area around level 25. It lead to a NPC mineshaft area that I went to explore. I was coming back and right next to my stairs a slime came out from around a corner and startled the life outta me. The second one, a friend was out digging underground and ran across one in an area we have a sort of base set up. So we dug it out. The third one - that I do not use - I found while I was digging an underground tunnel from one location to another.

    Moral of this story? If you spend any amount of time underground you will find them. They are quite common. (this of course is assuming that they are working properly, which they are not right now.)
  18. Am I not able to then "create" the slime chunks myself, if you know what I mean? I've seen tutorial, read the Minecraft wiki, searched around the web, but nothing really seems to help me... Do I have to search for the slimechunks like you found or am I able to "force" spawn them by making my own rooms?
  19. If you make a room large enough you are likely to catch at least one slime chunk, but it is not guaranteed. Its a lot of digging to make a slime farm so I do not recommend that method since there is a chance you come up empty handed.
  20. How he did not word this well? What is wrong with the "tips for making slime farm"? It's obvious he want tips for making a making a farm not locate it.