Anyone else got MineChests they opened?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Slvr, May 27, 2016.

  1. So!
    My MineChest came in today. It was a Beta chest, and inside were quite some good things! I did record myself unboxing it (though that video is.... probably fairly bad, because I am not good at recording myself opening a box or two with my phone and only two hands XD), so I'll post an edited version of that in a few.

    However, did anyone else get minechests too? If you have or even have already received yours, want to share? I thought this was a pretty cool idea. Very pricy, which is why I got the 3 month plan then cancelled subscription (hoping that the price comes down.... even for the cool things I got, I don't think $30 is worth it all).

    One gripe of mine. I chose the largest size for the T-shirt... and it looks like it might fit if I wore 5 corsets underneath. XD Oh well, I think the sizes were based for kids, but I suppose I'll live and just keep the shirt anyway. It's a cool little shirt, even if I can't wear it.
  2. Could you post the video?
  3. Working on it, I accidentally showed my address in it (little card in the box...) so I need to edit that out first.
  4. Don't worry, I'll come to your house and bring you cookies
  5. Cookiess.... :D

    EDIT: Aaand my phone entirely locked up and refused to work altogether. So it'll take a little while for me to even get the video into the editor. Bahh.
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  6. i love getting shirts like that. feels like im the hulk
  7. Don't you need muscles for that?

    *shots fired*

    Because I didn't realize the video embed could only use certain sites and Im too lazy to upload it elsewhere. Also ignore my horrible singlehanded cameraman skills :p
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