Any Rammstein Fans?

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  1. Curious to know if we've got any fans of Rammstein here on the Empire? They are a German band.

    Will post some stuff when I get back home.
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  2. Careful what you post I wouldnt call most of their music suitable for the empire.
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  3. But yes I like their music. Even as an american who doesn't understand it all
  4. Yeah I wasn't gonna post any of their music lol but I just saw them play in Chicago over the weekend at the Chicago Open Air. It was their only show in the U.S. this year. Best concert ever!!! So much fire and fireworks and pure awesome music.
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  5. Du hast (It had to be posted)
  6. Du Hast was definitely one of the best songs during the performance aside from Engel and the last song they played at the end, Amerika.
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  7. Haha, I don't even listen to them, but doesn't everyone know that song?! I guess they're alright if you like that kind of music. :)
  8. I love that type of music lol. I wish I could have gone to all three days of the show but it was not in the budget at all. Aside from Rammstein I also saw Chevelle, Trivium, Hollywood Undead, Of Mice and Men, and a few others I don't quite remember.
  9. Nice, I haven't been to many music festivals/Concerts. Not that I can't afford it, I just really hate people I don't know touching me. :/ It's almost always expensive though.
  10. I got my ticket for like 80 bucks or so. Definitely not the cheapest concert I've been to. This was my third concert ever lol. It was everything else at the concert that took all of my money :(
  11. Yeah, I'd say when you go to a concert, don't bring a lot of money. D:
    Edit: That applies for most things... :p
  12. Asked people on Reddit for a good German band one time (learning da lingo) and someone said Rammstein. I never thought of them again until one of my German friends got asked what's the worst band they've ever heard and they said Rammstein - followed by "oh yeah same" by every other German in the chat. I took it upon myself to finally listen to these German legends - surely their music is no worse than their humour, right?

    Ended up not liking anything but Du Hast. It all sounds weird.
  13. I've listened to them for years now, and Aphaea has seen them in concert, I believe.
  14. I'm a huge Rammstein fan, I need to see them live at some point but they currently only play major festivals (Which costs many monies) when they come to the UK :(
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  15. I've listened to some of their music because of Anon above me here, and the music is good :) The music videos on the other hand are not to my taste, though apparently their displays at festivals are great!
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  16. Yeah, there are many bands that have fantastic music but strange videos. Tool is another like that, but the good news (for me at least) is that if I ever want to feel super uncomfortable, I can just watch one. Cause, you know, that's a thing that I want. Totally.

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