Any LEGO fans?

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  1. I'm an adult and SRSLY can't wait for this movie.
  2. I saw this earlier I like how the animation is sort of stop motion styled and how lasers are actual Lego pieces (I'm looking at you Lego Star Wars :p)
  3. Of course!
    This is awesome! Thanks again for the awesome content that is, from EMC's favourite Panda :D

    Quick question; is this a real movie?
  4. LEGO is UMMMM...... rlly rlly good?
    i liek it
  5. God's in there.
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  6. I've hated legos ever since I first stepped on one barefoot.
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  7. Awww yis. I love this! :D
  8. What a stupid question... Who DOESN'T like Lego? :D
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  9. Discuss.
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  10. Looks fun:) "I only work in dark." "And sometimes very very dark grey."

    Of course everyone likes lego. I have a question: Is lego sold all over the world?
  11. Can anyone NOW guess why my name is brickstrike?
  12. ya, i saw that earlier. dont tell anyone, but i watched it about 17 times.
  13. Oh HELL yes.
    That "19080's space guy" thing had me cracking up so bad, but maybe that's because I'm old enough to own a few of those sets...

    This looks brilliant.
  14. Morgan Freeman and Legos. This movie is already great.
  15. Legos, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson.

    This movie is already awesome.
  16. abrasive-side-1.jpg
    i must see this
  17. loved them until 3 years ago, stepped on one my 2yr old cousin left out.... i was not a happy person..
  18. i stepped on them i still love them :D
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