Any good builders here?

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  1. I'm looking for someone to help build my hotel.I don't want a bad builder,but I don't want to pay lots.Anyone interested in helping?
  2. Eclipsys is also really good, as answer to your question "Any good builders here?"
  3. Both are too expensive.Please consider that I only have 11000r and will only spend 5500.Unless the prices are reduced a lot,I'll have to find a different builder.
  4. You're unlikely to find a good builder willing to charge less than Eclipsys or Alex charge...
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  5. No, I don't think that's possible. Even only the building materials are pretty expensive already. Maybe you can try to build it yourself.
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  6. Every building service I've seen is overpriced.It would cost me about 10x less to build it myself.I actually had a builder who charged 0r as long as I gave them resources
  7. Well it depends what you want built, and Eclipsys bulding services aren't the bit overpriced. I think they are under priced.
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  8. I said that I wanted some extra hotel floors built,and my budget is 5500r.
  9. If you want just a square box as your hotel, then just say that you want a box in this thread and someone will most likely build it. If you want something to be proud of, build it yourself or employ Eclipsys or AlexChance to do it for you.
  10. I would employ one of them if I could afford it.My lack of rupees is the main problem.
    P.S.Have you seen my hotel?
  11. Res and server?
  12. Res 2303 server smp1.It is a bit of a box with windows,but I think inside looks nice.
  13. Ok. Also, can I recommend quoting people when you are replying to them? It makes it easier for me to know that you're talking to me rather than having to watch this thread.
  14. How do I quote?
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  16. Oh,ok.
    Anyway,if I had more rupees,I would get AlexChance or Eclipsys.So unless I work out how to get rupees really fast or they reduce their prices,I will either have to find a cheaper builder or do some DIY.
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  17. Can I recommend quartz? If you can get enough of it, you can earn some really good rupees.