Any big changes??

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  1. Hey guys! So iv been away for awhile due to work :( But i love my new job and it got me one heck of a PC so im am for sure thankful for that! Anyways, since i have been away for awhile im sure the Empire has changed like crazy! Iv been back on for a few days now and noticed that player shops are as hyped up and as popular as when i was playing before. So whats the new big thing? Has anything been added that's the go to thing on EMC. Or i guess lack of better words is whats the new hype? Any cool events or in-game things i should know about? Let me know guys! ready to get back EMC full speed! Also i will need some peeps to play with! Everyone knows Minecraft is better with friends! So if you like playing in groups or with other players leave a comment below and we will see what we can do!! Thanks everyone and its great to be back!! :D
  2. Do you remember Justin and Jeremy?
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    • New Tutorial
    • Progress on Dragon Tombs (Empire Tokens, Dragon Stone/Fragment)
    • Enraged Mobs (Creeper, Skeleton, Zombie)
    • Minibosses (Marlix, Momentus)
    • EULA Madness
    • Aikar is the new Server Owner.
    • IcecreamCow has been demoted.
    • Check Empire Wiki for more info.
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  4. Yes i remember them!
  5. Oh my i have missed out on so much!! :eek:
  6. Justin left, Aikar bought EMC from him, then a few months later he demoted Jeremy for inactivity. Current admins are Aikar, Maxarias (who he married a while back) and Kryssyy. :)
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  8. Oh man! So much has changed! Aikar married Maxarias!?! I stayed gone for far too long :( I wanted to come back so bad but the hours i worked were horrible. I have a steady job now so im super glad to be back!!! And thanks you guys so much for the help!!
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  9. Welcome back to EMC! It's always nice to see old players returning :p A lot has happened since you left and several things have already been listed. I'm just going to add a few more that people have missed out:
    • Mail
    • Play your way (player settings which allows you to choose your own difficulty)
    • Empire community teams (build and contribution teams)
    • Voting rewards and improvements
    • Referral contests
    • New developers and moderators
    • PvP Arenas
    There are various events as well, you may remember mob arena which still runs and there is now more frequent arenas. Firefloor is a new popular event. :)
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