Ant's 200 day, 200k+ dig party!

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  1. Hello everyone! My 200th day on EMC is coming up quickly, and I wanted to do something special to celebrate it, so I have decided to host a dig party. The party will be held on Saturday, December 7th (which is actually like my 198th day, but whatever :p) at 11pm U.S. Central time. Any unforeseen circumstances I will change the time/date accordingly and be sure to update the thread so everyone knows!

    Yes, all those iron blocks and glowstone are fair game as well, so be sure to bring a pick :)

    The event will be a dig party, and I will be giving away 200,000 rupees of prizes from my own collections (this does not include donations from other players) and will be held on SMP4 at residence 8715. Anyone who would like to make prize donations can go to /v 8714 and throw items into the hopper, or make rupee donations. All rupee donations will be given out as prizes in the exact amount that was donated, and the donating player will be recognized in the redeemable voucher (signed book) as the one the rupees came from! All of the prizes will be placed in chests, and be buried in the residence, or some full blocks will be randomly placed in the ground as well, so bring a good pick and shovel!

    Current Prizes:
    Haunted Head Promo Item
    Turkey Slicer Promo Item
    Stable Voucher
    Labor Bench
    10,000 Rupee Voucher x 1
    5,000 Rupee Voucher x 1
    3,000 Rupee Voucher x 1
    1,000 Rupee Voucher x 3
    Diamonds (Gems, blocks, and ores)
    Gold (Ingots, blocks, and Ores)
    Iron (Ingots, blocks, and ores)
    Redstone (dust, blocks, and ores)
    Lapis (gem, blocks, and ores)
    Coal (Gem, blocks, and Ores)
    Emeralds (Gem, blocks, and Ores)
    Quartz (Flakes, blocks, and Ores)
    Several stacks of Glowstone
    Mob Heads
    Various Player heads
    Shiny flesh/Arrows
    Enchanted tools/Books
    (More to come)

    Donated Prizes:

    I hope to see everyone there! If you have any questions, just reply to the thread or PM me. If you would like to make a donation, go to 8714 and throw it in the hopper, or for rupee donations just /r pay me :), and I will make sure that your donation gets into the party and you are recognized for it!
  2. I would gladly like to join in on this to help you celebrate!:D
  3. No melons... ; - ;
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  4. Ill be there :) finally someone in central time
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  5. Any prizes in particular? I mean I'm smart enough to know not to donate dirt:p , but what sorta stuff are you aiming for us to donate?
  6. Anything that you think of as valuable will gladly be accepted :) I'm thinking about adding vouchers for things such as a DC of stone, DC of arrows etc so if you want to donate something like that just pm me! Otherwise just throw anything besides dirt into the hopper!
  7. That's finals week for me, but I'll do my best to make it, sounds like fun. Congrats on 200 days :)
  8. 11pm is pretty late for you, lol
  9. Love the idea! Happy 200 days I will try and make it but knowing time zones...
  10. Um 11pm is pretty late can u change it plz? I'd love to participate in this event if the time was changed.
  11. 11pm is late for me because I have to plan it around my work schedule :( Sorry but as of now that is the official time, unless something else comes up and I am forced to change
  12. The grand prize is officially planted!


    Hidden somewhere within the residence is an obsidian capsule holding the grand prize of the dig party! Now I don't want to spoil what lies within, but I will tell you that there is nearly 40,000 rupees worth of of prizes hiding in there, so make sure to bring a fast pick along with your shovel to be the first to break through it!
  13. By any chance will there be hints on where to look? Such as between y coord _ and _? Also congratulations on 200 days :p
  14. Hints on where to look for the capsule or in general? and thanks :)
  15. Bump for awareness!
  16. Would really like to come, not sure if i can get on at 11 pm though :(
  17. Aww man I'd love to come but that's 12 for me. Too lAte.
  18. I'll be there :) prime time for night people!
  19. Awww yusss thats me
  20. 12 pm in a Sunday? (or is that Saturday?) COME ON!!!