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Do you think this was a good story and gave a good lesson?

1. I think it gave a good lesson. 2. It was a good lesson, It was on don't trust anyone strangers. 1 vote(s) 16.7%
It wasn't a good story, and it had no lesson what so ever. 5 vote(s) 83.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  2. Guys, please leave a comment on what you thought of the story, and what kind of lesson it gave.
    (From, Owner of {THREAD})

    I didn't do the same with the other player because of reasons, but you are practically naming and shaming another player in a story, which may not be true, but if someone reads this then sees Rose, it could potentially lead to a malicious result.
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  4. You don't even own the domain...
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  5. Umm, I made up that name out of my Brain...
  6. Doesn't change the fact that it is a real player.

    Imagine that BobTheFool09211291991 makes a story about HelloKittyRo (a name he made up) on another server about her griefing. The story becomes very popular, and one person who has read it comes here, and because there is no disclaimer, sees you.

    What happens next? That is up to you.
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  7. If these stories are going to cause drama.. They won't be allowed to continue. Please think long and hard before posting another of your "stories". Thank you.
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  8. I would just like to mention that no one should have been banned in this story. By giving out perms, you are essentially giving away your right to claim victim in most cases. Also, staff would not just take a name based off of what was written on a sign, and signs are not tracked in town.

    Stories are "fine," but not when they spread incorrect information.
  9. First of all, shouldn't this be in the Writer's Corner? Secondly, one of the more entertaining trolls I've seen.
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  10. RainbowChin is male. Probably the least of the problems with this story, but just saying. :p
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  11. Ok, but there my stories and I can do what I want with um.
  12. Thx!!!
  13. Not if they break the rules. Then you can tell them to the ban hammer.

    That wasn't a compliment.
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  14. Oh..
  15. If a mod tells you that you can't do something, then generally, you can't. :)

    Have you considered making one thread and posting all your stories on that so they're all in one place? I'm sure a mod would be more than happy to merge all your current story threads into it. :)
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  16. ok, ik:D
  17. Looks like I was too late :p
  18. I would like to see a photo of you and rainbowchin frolicking through the town on your exciting adventures.
  19. Me IRL when I read this: - _ - "Really? Wow."
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