Another way to get "Info books"

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  1. Title says it all (almost). Only way to get the info book is to get it from a new player. This should be implimented for a very big reason and only about 850 exist.
  2. I want it is a limited promo maybe?
  3. What's wrong with that?
  4. These books are for new players for a reason. From what Krysyyjane has told me and a few other people is that we are not allowed to be taking them from players right after tutorial or whenever they get them.
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  5. Well I assure you more than 850 exists, but we can look into a way to give everyone one.

    I could potentially change it to use the tutorials 1 per account system so that existing players can go back to the tutorial to get it.
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  6. This book is recently added, right? Cause I did the tutorial with my alt some time ago and I didn't get a book.
  7. Yes, recently added :)
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  8. Sounds good, or do a /promo so we can all get one book.
    Thank you.
  9. Jeez people, every little thing with colors or shininess you just have to pounce on.. I'm a big collector and I love to buy things but man, when you start wanting every single item including ones that should help new guys that's kinda too far..
  10. I don't believe the entire premise of this is "oooh shiny book! I want it!" but rather players having access to a little guidebook, as it were, to remind them of basic tips and tips of the trade. No one knows everything. ;)
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