Another war threat of korea

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  2. Welcome to the daily life of North Korea.

    I'm a bit more scared this time around though, seeing as how South Korea seems to be standign up to the North.
  3. Rest of the World reaction to the NK's threat:
  4. China to North Korea:
  5. didnt north Korea threaten to bomb the US yet their missiles can't even reach? xD
  6. And also the 'US' allies'... who are mostly even further away from them than the US.
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  7. There are now roughly two hours until North Korea is supposedly going to invade the South. Let's see what happens.
  8. I have a feeling that if NK did launch against SK or anyone, that half the missiles would land and explode in North Korea.

    Also (sorry to be a bummer) it's all well and good to poke fun at North Korea but people should be aware that the majority of the people in North Korea are impoverished and can't even speak out against their own government without fear of death, doubly so for their government officials. North Korea as a whole is basically one big concentration camp.
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  9. Sometimes the only defense against absurdly horrible things is to laugh at them.

    ...Which is all well and good until you remember North Korea has no sense of humor...
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  10. I was thinking that unlike in the Middle East, where toppling one regime leads to another, If you topple the Kim regime Korea could actually be unified, because I figure many of the people want to be unified( and don't want to starve). Maybe a coup would actually be good for once in this situation.
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  11. No argument here. I just wanted to point out that the biggest victims of North Korea's drum-beating and buffoonery are its own people.

    I would argue to the contrary though that North Korea has a great sense of humor. Ever watch their news or read the press releases their state news puts out? They must have a crack-team of comedy writers at their disposal.
  12. Hey, Serious to me, l writing this where only 40km far from North korea.
    If they invade, to me, may become real life problem.

    UMM.. WAIT. I heard a news that saying 'Talking to SK and NK at 6pm (UTC)'
    Both agree this.
  13. yep didnt north korea shut off all communication with other countries so that kim jung could basically brain wash his people ?
  14. Which is part of what started this mess. South Korea sets up loudspeakers (or broadcasts FM) into North to clue them in on what reality is like.
  15. Its alight China will hopefully talk some sense into NK xD
  16. In all fairness: I'd probably get a little agitated as well if I was being forced to listen to Gangnam Style for several months in a row ;)

    Still, having said that, I think these turmoils are more meant as some kind internal propaganda than actually trying to pose a serious threat. Of course my guess is as good as anyone's but yah... How are they going to fund something like this in the first place? I don't think China would be willing to back them up. Communism or not; many Chinese people have come to gain a lot more freedom over the years. Not freedom in the sense as we know it, sure, but most certainly more than they had, say, last century.

    But then again, I also don't think China would appreciate it if the US (or the 'West' as a whole for that matter) got massively involved here either.

    Still... I doubt they'd go to war on a whim. There's too much to less and less to gain for 'm. Of course, a bit of reasoning never stopped a madman before...
  17. The main concern with this threat is that it's more realistic than many of their other threats. Most of the time they're treating to drop nukes on the US with space shuttles, but right now they're threatening simple military action on the south, which wouldn't be all that hard to pull off (whether they'd be successful in any way is another thing).
  18. If they did that, the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, and a bunch of other countries would invade them. China probably wouldn't risk going to war with that many countries (who are stronger than them military/army-wise, seeing how poorly trained its own is), so they'd probably just remain neutral or help out with the whole 'stop North Korea' thing. Russia probably wouldn't think too highly of it though.
  19. and if they could, would be shot down over the Pacific ocean. We would be holding candy out of a baby's reach. And to add on to SoulPunisher's, Russia would be MAD.