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  1. Hey all,
    The other day, I was just goofing around, so I decided to search my minecraft username on google images.
    Thats when I saw it.
    My profile picture and even the profile pictures of the people THAT I FOLLOW! I even saw JackBiggin's!
    Should this be happening? Is this website safe?
    Lottie1664 out!
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  2. Yes.
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  3. We are sorta putting ourselves out on the internet. But think, we have avatars and our usernames are almost to completely anonymous
  4. True...
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  5. We ( as the community of Empire Minecraft ) promise this website is 100% safe.

    Also, if you look at who's online the forums, it'll say something like
    300 members online (223 members) (77 guests).

    The 77 guests are people looking at us as a community and deciding wether or not to join our amazing server.
    But with my experience with Empire Minecraft, the 196 days Ive played as of this post, I have never found one issue with our forums and never been breeched into any ones accounts.
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  6. This happens with every website that has profiles and pictures, when you search that website or a user on the website it brings up other pictures from that website. But yes, EMC is 100% safe, only your picture is out there, not your personal information.
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  7. Lottie, I honestly like your posts because they usually address 'other' stuff (not too common subjects). And also because you're not afraid to simply ask, like you're doing here, and that bit gains a lot of respect from me.

    Yes, EMC.GS is secure, don't worry. When I visit your profile (you're not following me, I'm not following you) I can access all. Your wall, I can see your avatar and I can also see your followers. Here's the thing: so can Google. Depending on...

    See your name in the upper right corner? Hover over it and a menu should appear. Click "Privacy". This is the culprit: "View your details on your profile page:". My guess is that it says "All Visitors". And in this case 'all' means 'all' including Google. EMC is perfectly safe, thanks for your concerns. But EMC can even do better ;)

    You can block Google if you want. That is.. a small disclaimer is in order: if Google hasn't "invaded" EMC already (I don't mean to startle people, I honestly don't know). With 'invaded' I don't mean taking over, I mean adding an account here. And quite frankly that's highly unlikely considering that you need a Minecraft account first.

    So, the solution:

    Click the pull down menu on the 'View your details' option above. Change from 'All visitors' to 'members only' (for example). That way only your fellow players can access your profile, NOT Google or any other "EMC nobody". You can go even further if you so chose: "People you follow only" restricts this even further: to the people you... yah, I guess it's kinda obvious ;)

    Hope this helps!
  8. Good question! But really, Lottie, there are good things to this too. I mean, perhaps you'll be playing on a mini-game server.
    Someone who you played with Googles your username because he/she likes you. Then they find EMC. You'll be attracting more people! :D