Another New Smp8 Couple

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Were They Ment For Each Other

Yep 15 vote(s) 60.0%
No 3 vote(s) 12.0%
This A Joke 4 vote(s) 16.0%
I Hate You Theo -.- 3 vote(s) 12.0%
  1. Firstly I Want To Say Congrats To Rhy and Ms Ghast For getting married
    Everyone Knew They Were supposed To Be Together
    Rhys Reaction (Dufnog)
    Well Please Welcome The New Couple :)
    Go visit with the command /v dufnog
    Rhy Will Host A Party.. Idk when
  2. You... made a thread on this...?
  3. Duf Wanted Revenge :)
  4. It had to be done <3
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  5. xD
    Congrats Rhy!
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  6. it was only a matter of time... afterall rhy has been in the smp8 nether for over a year...
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  7. He was finding the perfect match
  8. Yeah, the other day I saw crying a Magma Cube... Now i know what Rhy did to her
  9. Congratz Rhy! I'm surprised the ceremony didn't happen in the church.. ;) You two are perfect together. Except ghasts can blow up beacon blocks. Nvm, I said nothing.. :p
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  10. Just wondering whats that texture pack?
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  11. I'd guess R3Dcraft
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  12. Lol Congrats Rhy XD
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  13. Congrats Rhy! :D
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  14. I dont know tbh..
  15. You said there was a couple of nog I think you need to simmer down xD
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  16. Well.. He atleast needs to hug her everyday when he backs from work..
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  17. aww u beat me to it, i had trapped a ghast and everything
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  18. Come on, guys, please stop making fun of this. Love is real and among us, and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. What Rhy and this ghast... statue... thing... have together is absolutely amazing. It's priceless, it truly is, and both of them know that; why can't you see it as well?

    Okay, look. Though Rhy couldn't possibly express the worth of Mrs. Ghast's love to him with a mere ring, he bought the most expensive one he could. Maybe this will help you understand. Behold the beautiful, binding symbol of their love:
    I think that says it all.
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  19. Exactly, ghast love sucks.
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  20. You too, you both have the same personality :D