Another Herobrine thread

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  1. Hey people! I just REALLY wanted to post this thread, please do not yell at me for it. I (Almost) saw Herobrine this time. I did not photoshop this, and I am not that good. I made this because every Herobrine thread never had actual pictures.
    2013-04-12_16.54.31.png 2013-04-12_16.54.39.png 2013-04-12_16.55.54.png 2013-04-12_16.56.02.png
  2. it is a villager named in an anvil. you have a texturepack too :p. i have done this lready :D
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  3. If it was a villager, how does it have the EXACT model of a player, and have a cape?
  4. World downloader + mod = this
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  5. I still don't believe that this is real, but oh well.
  6. It isn't real. I just REALLY wanted to do this.
  7. Look at the minimap :3
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  8. I've never used the Herobrine before and don't know if he has a cape in that mod.
  9. There's a poop load of Herobrine mods, and a lot of them are different.
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  10. This^^^. If you look at it, you will notice that the map is cut off, and not at a town border.
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  11. World downloader. I just logged on as Herobrine. That's all. I was thinking about how many Herobrine threads were made, yet none of them actually had proof, so I wanted to make this one.
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  13. Guys what if herobrine is actually just looking for a job to support his family and isn't evil, we should treat him with respect not fear.
  14. Nuff Said
  15. i was on a youtubers server and someone was disguised as herobrine and we had a staring contest