Herobrine? Real or Myth?

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  1. Who is Herobrine and is he real or fake.
  2. Herobrine is Notch's dead brother's ghost and haunts the helpless users of Minecraft.

    Of course he's real. Heck, he's standing right behind you now with a bucket of lava.
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  3. He is real, I have a first hand accout of him. Ok so I was in singleplayer and I was bouilding a spa and I went to go t=get some supplies and when I came back all the wood that was surrounding the pool was gone and water was everywhere.
  4. Herobrine = Big fat lies
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  5. I've seen herobrine. He was sitting there, waiting to grief someone.
  6. Guys, he's fake in every way..
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  7. that endermen silly :p
  8. I can confirm with certainty that he is real and does infact live on EMC. However, he's not the mean monster that he's made out to be. That rumor got him banished from other servers but we gave him a true chance at EMC. He usually goes around giving people free items from time to time from what I heard, when they're not looking of course. :)
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  9. no that's nmanley in herobrine skin :p
  10. This was in 1.4 before the even mention of endermen.
  11. but herobrine no longer is in the game there is no programming for it in .Minecraft nor the texture used for him (steve but with no eyes)
  12. The only Herobrine I have seen is NoobofEpicness. As far as Herobrine being in game and removed, not everything written is truth. He could be real, he could be fake.
  13. I read up on the Minecraft Wiki that it was a thing from some streamer who made him up then told everyone that he was fake but not everyone read it because they were freaking out... Notch even commented that he is fake... Just a big meme that made Minecraft quite popular.. Besides the ever popular Creeper :)
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  14. He is like santa.

    Real as long as you believe in him.
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  15. If Herobrine is fake who puts the torches up in the abandoned mine shafts?
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  17. Is that why I occasionally return to one of my locked chests to find a diamond or two, that I didn't store in that chest to begin with?
  18. Rea-, wait scratch that, he doesn't want us talking about him....
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