The most frightening thing I've seen in Minecraft ever.

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  1. So I was derpin' and herpin', building my adventure map, when I suddenly see in the foggy distance, another player.


    But the bad thing is...

    I was in singleplayer.

    I felt a serious chill run down my spine as I froze for a few seconds, and I was almost literally scared to death.

    I immediately took a screenshot to make sure I'm not crazy.

    As you may see in the top right corner, there is a player shaped figure.

    I thought it was Herobrine, or even worse.....AIKAR

    Although it doesn't look like a player when you look at it for a minute,
    if you quickly glance at it, it look exactly like a player.

    It is actually a tree, which was formed when I used worldpainter tools.

    I am now really scared to continue playing on my adventure map world.

  2. Lol if you didn't tell me it was a tree I wouldn't have ever figured it out...
    I assumed it was:

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  3. And yes, I know my profile pic might be creepy, but this is just....creepy
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  4. I see a tree, that has had some of it's leave removed =)
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  5. i looked at it my exact words " HOLY CRAP IS THAT A .....tree.... trolled... "

    seriously.. xD
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  6. It's part of worldpainter, a map-making software that has code that generates forest, and I can use different settings. I did remove any leaves, or touch the tree at all.
  7. I think its Aikar
    Disguised as a scary tree
    circlestone is mine!

    ^That was a Haiku.
  8. thats scary! It looks like the persons nameplate too because of the leaves
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  9. Dude, What in the world is your signature xD
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  10. Good job changing the quote.
    It's what I like to do to random strangers.
  11. First opened: "Ugh another Herobrine thr-HOLY #($#$#$_)$*#_$*#$_))@$@$+@$!" *choking on Tea that I sucked down my windpipe and this horrible chill down my spine*

    *Scrolls really quick and reads thread then enlarges picture* "Wut?" I would have logged. Or built something around me and then watched it from a distance/shoot it/whatever. Mostly logged out >.>
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  12. Your profile picture is disturbing...
  13. Same exact thing I was about to ask lol
  14. I saw your signature.

    I died.
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  15. Of laughter? Or fright?
  16. I was talking to nick5013, and of laughter.
  17. I know you were talking to nick, but yeah Ikr? Isn't it just bizarre?
  18. Yours is quite creepy as well... is that an Ender Dragon I assume?
  19. Click on it, fluff was doing a story but he kinda stopped... I'm changing it soon just because it's inactive now. It was just to support him... And I'm not really sure what it is...
  20. Honestly, I think that clown is scarier. And I thought it was a person when I first saw that too.
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