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Which Option (read the post below first)

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Myth Folk Books 8 vote(s) 72.7%
Maps 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Signs 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Hardcore Mode (No Hints) 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. As some of you know I build in random locations in random smp's , I build "Artifacts". Basically they can be above or below ground and they are just random structures man made by me. In hopes of that people find them, some of them house goodies and some knowledge. I've completely ran out of ideas for artifacts so I have come up with a new idea that you may stumble into in the future. Tombs. Inspired by the Dragon Tomb idea and Skyrim, I will build Tombs that will have special goodies and named enchanted items in some of them, such as a diamond sword with the name Goblin Cleaver. Also a hint: these tombs will be constructed near zombie or skeleton spammers and maybe a spider spawner and I'll add webs for more detail. Making the exploration of these tombs not so easy for the adventurers of Emc. But I am not posting this thread to inform you, there is a question that has been lurking in my head and that question is: How will I theme these tombs with the inspirations? So there is a poll and I'll explain each option below:

    Option Books: Basically I can create folk myth books that slightly hint at a mythical location. For example: there will be a certain text within the book that may read: "Towards the Dawn of the Sun in the South of the Great Wild Kingdom, three trees mark the moon rise". Translating this text to your understanding, I said: " look towards the sun in the southern most part of the LLO Outpost, and look back where the moon rises and look for the Three tallest trees that are under the moon rise." Basically you go to the middle tree and dig to find an entrance or such opening to explore a lost tomb that I have created. Now this is an example, there are no three point trees in place yet but you get the idea. So there will be specified spots.

    Option Maps: I create a map that shows a location and X the spot in the center. These can be rather hard since they will have to be known areas of the Emc Community and completely random sky views of a location.

    Option Signs: Various random signs hidden within the wilderness or in major wild outpost that state riddles or coordinates ( kind of like the treasure trails that I occasionally make) . And these clues will ultimately lead you to a tomb, though there will be many clues for these sign option.

    Option Hardcore Mode: There wil be no clues, no hints, nothing to tell you that such a tomb even exist. They will be hidden in the most random remote parts of the EMC Wilderness and will be not visible in the live map. Basically these tombs for this option will have the greatest rewards of all since they are purely hard to find. This follows the idea of the Dragon Tomb update thus where there are no hints to finding the Legendary Structure.

    Give me feedback on this post, maybe an idea for the loot I can use to fill the chest, anything helps. Or maybe you have an totally new idea I havent listed and you may want to tell me that since it is more challenging .

    I'm letting you pick multiple poll choices if you want a combination of 2 or 3 ideas into one adventure of a tomb. Post your thoughts below and thanks! :)
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  2. Hardcore mode!
  3. Here's a picture example on how random a tomb can be, basically a roadside cave, minus the torches and the sign, but with the walkway to the catacomb .

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  4. Oh! You could have it where a tomb is three blocks high. Top row of blocks it checkered red and white wool, bottom two is creeper sandstone. That's just the wall but I think it'd be fancy
  5. Which poll option does it relate to and if books, what will the story behind it be?
  6. Basically a great idea, but so few folk dare to travel more than 200 blocks on any server, (they reside near enough permanently in the cities) I don't think there is much chance of anyone finding them - eg. I have two separate bases on smp7 which nobody has ever visited (to the best of my knowledge in at least 6 months!) the first being less than 2k blocks from a spawn! I wish you luck - but I don't expect you'll have very much of it :(
  7. Morning bump! Give me your thoughts and ideas on this too
  8. I love it. For the books, maybe talk about an extinct race that used to exist on the servers. :)
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  9. I like this idea, Didnt think of that type f myth. It's more quest like too. I guess I can construct one to link to a tomb. Anymore awesome ideas?
  10. I could help set up some places on smp5, as my suicide quest takes me far into the wild, in obscure places :)