Announcing: EMC Online Users Web App - Find Your Friends!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ScrObot, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. I whipped up a web app that lets you see who is currently playing on the EMC servers, with an online user search and also the ability to favorite users, so you can see which of your friends are currently online and what SMP they're on!

    The app automatically refreshes itself once a minute (though it stops updating after 10 minutes of inactivity). Your favorites are currently stored in a cookie, so if you use the site on different devices, you'll have to set your favorites list separately on each of them. If this gets popular and there is demand, I can add an optional login-based system to persist the data in a database.

    Special thanks to those users who helped test it out in the past few days!

    Let me know if you come across any issues. :)
  2. Awesome! I'll definitely use this in the future, thanks! :)

    But I've already found one bug :p You can't search for people with an _ in their name. Could you maybe try this for yourself?
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  3. Fixed! Thanks for checking it out!
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  4. Yay, thanks! :D
  5. I do believe Wcg_elite has made something similar to this also BUt i like it thanks you :D
  6. Bump for the evening crowd. :)
  7. Wow! This will be really useful in the future! Thanks! :)
    Edit: Does this support name changing?
  8. Apparently sometimes in the middle of the night, there's a 10:1 user to staff ratio. :) Data is fun!
  9. good looking app. Cheers
  10. ...and now there are apparently no (non-hidden) staff in-game. The inmates are running the asylum!

    Thanks, glad you like it. :)
  11. Sorry for not giving it a reveiw good work and sure will be using it ;)
  12. I believe I should point this out if you haven't addressed it already, but I believe I had someone followed already and they changed their name undoing the follow. Do you have the users linked to UUIDs or names themselves, or am I just mad? =P
  13. Unfortunately the data I get from EMC is the username, not the UUID, so there's not anything I can do automatically with that currently.

    I do have some new features planned, but unless EMC exposes the UUID in their data feed, there's not going to be an easy way to handle name changes.
  14. You could possibly have it check by searching it's database of names and if it shows the player had previously changed their name to something new it updates the settings tied with that old username (I also have 0 knowledge of the limitations of websites, just spitballing ideas =P)
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  15. It seems to have limited functionality on my phone. It could just be my phone but some of the links don't seem to work and when you refresh it sometimes it doesn't show any users at all and nothing is clickable. I was able to click on 3 smps before it "crapped out" on me though. Got a few favorited. Is there a way to favorite people that aren't online? I will have to check this out tomorrow on the computer :)
  16. It actually works fine on my phone. And I think I favorited one person, just by going to the favorites thingy, typing their name, and adding them.
  17. Yup, as TomvanWijnen described, if you click the Favorite Users in the navigation, you can type in a user name. Note that capitalization matters here!

    Gawadrolt, what kind of phone do you have and what browser are you using?

    I tested on a few different phones and tablets and haven't been able to get it to mess up like you describe. It might be possible that the connection is being closed somehow before all the data is sent, but typically the only time that happens is if you manually stop the page loading. It's pretty lightweight.
  18. Galaxy S3 I don't know what the browser is actually. It's the default one and the creepy little pictures that display your IP, location and browser always say safari but I'm pretty sure that isn't it.
  19. It's the stock browser indeed. I'd suggest you to use a browser like CM Browser, it supports most things, seems to use much less resources, and even can go completely full screen. :)
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