[Announcement] Gaming_Comander vs THE OP VILLAGER

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What team are you in?

Gaming_Comander 11 vote(s) 57.9%
THE_OP_VILLAGER 8 vote(s) 42.1%
  1. Throughout time, many questions have been thrown around, many left with no real answer. Are there signs of life outside of Earth? Who created the Universe? Where did all those Nerf darts go? Perhaps one of the longest standing questions is who is more popular: Gaming_Comander or THE_OP_VILLAGER. That such question shall be answered this week, as on Friday, OP and I will be auctioning away our one-of-a-kind heads: Gambler_Comander and CARD_DEALER_VILLAGER.

    Only 3 of each are in existence. Whoever's head sells for more wins. The winner choses the losers skin for a month (which will be documented in a separate thread), and the loser has to write a long, elaborate essay as to why the other is better in a separate thread. The last of the three punishments shall be revealed on a later date.

    In addition to this, THE_OP_VILLAGER and I will be livestreaming a GC vs OP event, where we fight each other in three different games to determine a winner, where a different punishment will be held for the loser. With all this and more coming in this special, once in a lifetime event, I have to ask? What team are you in? Comander, or VILLAGER?
  2. Villager because he has a army of mini Villagers. It be a hard time defeating those babies
  3. This sounds interesting, I cannot wait to see the results of what's to happen! >:3
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  4. Gonna say that i am Team Comander for the WIN. :cool:
    Long ago, when you vowed to take over the Empire and rule Minecraft here on the server, you promised I could be a princess... that makes me loyal. If you forgot about this .... (dun dun D U N) :eek: something will happen.
  5. Team Villager's all the way

  6. Just gonna say

    "Go Team Go !!!" \o/
  7. I never forgot! My endeavors will not be fruitless!
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  8. I remain neutral, but this looks like a ton of fun
    I'll watch it go down
  9. If you vote for me I’ll give you a free THE_OP_VILLAGER baby egg
  10. Vote for me and I'll give you love and appreciation, which is priceless
  11. Well, this does sound pretty fun, to be honest. :p
    I was going to say I was rooting for Comander because he properly cares for his text, but then he missed the period in the last post. :p
  12. well how dare he
  13. Im voting Gaming_Comander. Reason: Liquid Zoos :D
  14. woah
  15. I fixed it lol
  16. Oh - this is a tough one.

    I'm on Team flips coin .. EDGE! Yes! The new browser by Microsoft! Faster! More secure! Perfect choice for Windows 10! Get Edge today!

    (not my coin)
  17. Lol. Glad I'm not the only one who uses Microsoft Edge~ :)

    All in honesty, it's a tough choice, yeah? :3
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  18. Confession: I posted that using Moz://a Firefox on macOS.