Aniyuma - Looking for Assistance (female)

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  1. Ok! Dont expect alot of help
  2. I don't know if you can get the snow caps, but you could probably just make snow blocks and replace all the squares around your building. Though, it might look a little weird without there being any kind of snow on your castle.
  3. Me no girl, me want toooo help me boy
  4. Precisely the point of my earlier post
  5. -.- I want to help but do i help for free? :]
  6. Silk touch is very hard to Obtain BTW
  7. It's actually a terrible stereotype and prejudice to believe that females are somehow nicer and easier to get along with than males. Note that this indirectly but poignantly says something quite negative about males.

    Alas, it's a very popular stereotype.

    Actually, I would say that this kind of additude is the primary reason we may experience males and females as demographically different.

    If everyone thinks you're nice and pleasant (before they even know you), you're probably going to feel good about yourself and be nice and pleasant most of the time around those people as a result, and if everyone thinks you're a jerk (before they even know you), you're probably going to feel bad about yourself and be a jerk at least some of the time around those people as a result.

    Why would we choose to impose these kinds of images on people based on something so superficial and insubstantial to our deeper selves as biological sex?

    You'll find just as many nice, pleasant, mature, and trustworthy males out there as you will find rude, unpleasant, immature, and untrustworthy females. Biological sex has nothing to do with it.

    If you believe it does, you're suffering from a delusion. But it's a very popular delusion, which makes it so much harder to see it for what it is.

    To judge people based on superficial features like skin colour, nationality, style of dress and decorum, or biological sex is simply using poor judgement and indicates that you are not seeing things clearly.

    It can be challenging to look past our prejudicial beliefs about certain demographics and look at each individual for who they are, but doing so is definitely worth it.
  8. You can find 'snow caps' in the empire store, can't remember their cost though sorry. You use these just by clicking on desired block. If you pick them up after placing they just become snow balls :)
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  9. @Dark_Liz:
    It's possible that he's just using this project as a front for his true intentions. Perhaps he intends to use their time spent together to gauge their compatibility in a relationship environment. What better way to test an individual than not informing them that they're being tested?
  10. Or he's under the impression women are more submissive, easier to control. He's in for a shock.

    He's from Germany, maybe he wants to eat them. <- see what I did there? offensive stereotype.
  11. @ Dark_Liz First of all your description lacks statistical studies.
    Also their is no rule against it, if I'm wrong on this one please show me your source.

    I dont care for steoreo type or prejudice (also the one you use against me will be totally ignored :)). I use this as a filter as my sources say the exakt opposite of your "sources" I couldnt look at yet Dark_Liz. As I already said I do know there will be others who will not pass my filter and would be good for that job. But again there will be more who will go through the filter who will lack most things for this job. So I just do it this way and I'm fine. Your negative attitudes towards my possible intentions amuse me since I know for myself I dont have any of this kind. So you can keep going. But this is not part of my topic and I must say it bugs me that the moderator even ignores this fact?! :O Well not my business whats for me important is the pms not the discussion so keep going I'm awaiting your totally nessecary comments, which will change my being... or maybe not. Just let yourself go, with hypotheses and so on.

    Greetz Hasorko

    Have a nice day. If you aren't applying why do all the work ^^. You must be bored.

    Oh and almost forget thanks for the tip shaunwhite
  12. I don't believe this is the case... it would be too obvious, lol.

    And I'm sorry if you felt I was criticizing you Hasorko. My intention was just to present a potentially much better way for us to look at each other, and ourselves, that might make it easier for us all to get along better in the bigger social picture. As for statistical studies, they only stand to uphold past and current belief systems and thwart our evolution into new, better, and more functional belief systems... so they're actually not at all relevant to what I was saying.

    I hope you find a good, mature, and trustworthy building partner. :)
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  13. I own the lot next to him .. he already tried to eat me twice ... these Germans are creepy >:[

    (when he started on the server he was chasing chicken on the streets weird, maybe we have to be careful with this one)
  14. @Liz Shall be accepted.

    @ Arlan Troll :p it took you25 mins to get this written :p The Lol game will be closing soon lets start ^^
  15. omg ? I don't know this guy : < I'm afraid ... *looking for a dark corner to hide*
  16. You should be his waifu then.
  17. I'm actually rather certain of it. If all he really wanted was help, why is it that the help only holds merit if it comes from someone of a female persuasion? If the help were really what he were after, I don't think gender would be a deciding factor. He also requires the applicant to use an alternative form of communication citing a voip service as an example; By itself, it's understandable, but coupled with the gender lock of applicants, it smells a little fishy. Skype itself could easily contain a link to said applicant's facebook which more than likely contains volumes of personal information that might be helpful in deciding upon a proper mate.

    Later in his initial post he says "It will be very important to me to get a friend like relation to you so I can trust you to give you access and let you work on your own, so people who are scared of contact shouldn't apply." Now, doesn't that seem a bit much to ask for from someone you only plan on working with and why is it so important that the relationship is of that status? I understand that it's good to get a long with the people you work with, but that just seems over the top.
  18. You make some really good points Kenokam.

    But I think we need to cut Hasorko a little slack so as to avoid any kind of badgering.

    Either way, I think the moral of this story is this:

    Including a gender-based discrimination in a request for assistance is a bad idea. At the very least people will suspect you of having ulterior motives, even if you don't... and they will also see you as someone who has difficulty getting along with people yourself. Not really the kind of image most people want to be conveying.

    No biggie really, just not the best way to go (evidently).
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  19. I see your point there Dark_Liz ^^ But it was a funny disscussion so far. I also can explain what I meant with friend like relation. I dont want to sit right next to this assistance. I want to give access to all my chests including all diamond stuff etc. For what ever purpose there just is. Who of you guys would give those rights to a total stranger. Thats all there is to it.