Aniyuma - Looking for Assistance (female)

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently finished the my recreation of the Osaka Castle, which you can see in the picture below.

    What are the requirements:

    - female
    - >17 Years old
    - creative
    - must have other communication then minecraft chat (skype for example)

    Why are these requirements:
    - female -> more creative, easier to work with, more quiet, less griefing (statistik)
    - age -> I'm 21 and I expect a certain level of matureness
    - Creative -> I'm looking for someone who helps me design in nice inside of this it is completly empty as it is now.
    - other chat -> Minecraft whisper suxxs
    I know also other people might fit my ideas, but it is easier to filter this way.

    You dont have to have a residence on this server so anybody can apply for this (its server 3 btw)
    You dont have to be skilled in wilderness, there will be enough to do in town I will look for the rest
    You will not receive direct payment. But at a certain point I will probably give access to my mats so you will get along nicely.
    You will get space for your own (once we have space), if you'd like too or if you dont have a residence.

    It will be very important to me to get a friend like relation to you so I can trust you to give you access and let you work on your own, so people who are scared of contact shouldn't apply.

    This is an opportunity who can't decide what to do, but are creative. So use it ^^

    I'm german so german applicants can do it in german.

    Applications via Personal Message (PM) everything else will be completly ignored. You can find it if you scroll up to "Inbox" and click on "Start new Conversation"
    If you have question you could PM me as well.

    Well then have a nice day. Hope to hear from you!
  2. Just a warning before you build your castle -- make sure your lot is low enough that you can build your entire castle up to the sky. You might need to lower the grass layer a bit to ensure you have enough room.
    The castle looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing it on a server! If you need materials, I might see if I can donate.
    Edit: derp, you've already built it. Lookin' good.
    Just wanted to point out that you're limiting your opportunities for great help. It's your personal preference, and you can look for whoever you want, but I know a ton of guys who are very creative, cooperative, and mature. Your assistant's talents won't be defined by gender ; )
  3. Hey why not do /tell (person's name). That will make it so every time you type, you wiser the person.
  4. wow.
  5. You do realize that by typing "<17" you are inadvertently looking for people 16 and younger?
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  6. creepy.
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  7. I think he meant >17, because he mentioned maturity. Maybe not, though.
  8. Poor him.No one wants to be his minecraft waifu.
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  9. maybe. but the more i read that post the more alarm bells go off.
  10. Haha, I'm sure he meant older than that. Those signs always confused me when I took math.
  11. You should be his waifu
  12. I'm sorry, but this just reads creepy...
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  13. He is just a lonely soul looking for love.
  14. *combs beard, spits on hand and slicks back hair*

    do you think i have a chance?
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  15. Yes, I know what he meant
    but regardless of his intentions, he inadvertently asked for Females 16 and younger. :)
  16. Yes, now put on this maid outfit and tentacles.
  17. Hey man, tentacles are a girls best friend ;P
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  18. What do you think I have under this robe. ;)
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  19. Yes I changed it to the right way obviously looking for somebody older than that. Also I understand how people think what intetions somebody might has specially looking for a women, however I just gathered those experience from Roleplay in games like World of Warcraft, that Girls/Women are just better to work with. Also the applications are by pm so you probably will not know if somebody applied so it might not be true that there is nobody taking the chance. Ok fine then regardless of the tone in that discussion up to now I havent decided anything so keep going.

    @Amadai thanks for the praise. Took me 3 days from first login to finishing it as it is now. So I haven't had mats problems. It's just doing the inside, which will be really hard. Standing in that empty building looks really weird. And it will have so many levels have to find good usage for all that.

    Btw does anybody know if you can pick up those little snow covers in snow areas with silk touch? I'd like to change my lot into a snow area. This is the main part why I need assistance I have to do so much at the outside that I wont get the inside done ~.~

    Greetings Hasorko
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