animals escaping

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  1. So every time i leave my res and come back I will see one or two outside their cage. And i just dont know what i should do and it takes forever to get them back in.
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  2. I always recommend double walling the pens, which prevents most glitched escapee's, or my ultimate solution is to bury the pen so it is surrounded my multiple blocks of dirt. Hope it helps. :)
  3. what this guy ^ said.
  4. I had the problem too but it was a villager someone purposely let them go and one got eliminated and one got caught so I'm closing villager trade or making it safer
  5. The animals are evolving, they aren't falling for our human tricks anymore. Lolll
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  6. Hehe, you had an animal rights activist as a villager, MC is evolving indeed. :)
  7. I ment the villager escaped
  8. same here. they somehow glitch over the fence since update to 1.5.1.
  9. Ahh, i thought you meant that one of your villagers purposefully let your animals go. :p
  10. I used to complain about the cows jumping. But I haven't played single-player in months. I just assumed aikar stopped the cows from jumping.
  11. The same here. 1 cow has escaped the cage. I hit it with flame 1 bow and finally pushed it of Lvl 167 (Y)
  12. Thanks it helped!
  13. Well, I had the same problem with my pigs, but now 5 of my cows are just disappeared. I can't find them anywhere.
  14. I keep seeing this problem on my res too. Come back on to find either cows or sheep roaming around, when I know for a fact that I closed the pen.