Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Visiting!

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  1. Hey guys! So six of the badges which phineas gives out requires you to visit other towns, and you visit them. Being the completionist I am, I am trying to get all the collectables, so I need towns to visit. If you would like to visit my town, or you want me to visit yours, pm me and we can set up a time/date. My friend code is 4055-5554-2126. Also, each town has their own unique fruit, mine being the peach. Non-unique town fruits sell for much more than normal, so make sure to pick a few up if u visit my town.

    Also Paying for:
    30k per gold nugget ( i need ALOT OF THEM) (bells not ruppees))
    Visit to town while a different season than mine- 100k (bells not ruppees)
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  2. It's a vidja game.
  3. I can play right now if you want, friend code: 3926-8025-0007
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  4. oops, was eating dinner, I'll add ya if your still on
  5. I'm going to be on for another hour or two, I haven't play this game in a while...
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  6. Sure, I'd be happy to help. My code is 0920-3104-2381.
  7. will pm
  8. Snake from pepe city moved into my town :p
  9. Bump! Are there only 3 people on here who play this? :(
  10. Bump! I started playing again :p
  11. If I can find a job (being a teenager is the real struggle) I will buy a 3Ds to play :D
  12. i finally just refound my game,my characters cried but I got the town up to where it used to be.....also I have the expensive crown.
  13. I thought on getting this game for my 3DS. I might soon!
  14. Nice! I need the pharaoh mask because I just built the pyramid and I'm going to hide it somewhere close. PM me if you want to play together :)
  15. If you do you won't regret it :)
  16. Really hoping to find more people to play with :/
  17. This place still alive? :p

    Started a new town recently hehe
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  18. Yes! it is! /pm me if you want to exchange friend codes and visit each other's towns!
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