And Yet Another Shop Sign Glitch

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  1. So, I'm trying to update prices and I put as I usually do:

    Line 2: 1
    Line 3: :12
    Line 4: Water Bucket

    I've also tried:

    Line 2: 10
    Line 3: :120
    Line 4: Water Bucket

    It says 'Invalid amount specified'. I've repeated this about 10 times.

    If I change it to a sign that lets you buy water buckets, it works.

    If I buy and sell, it also works.

    I am confident the location doesn't matter. I've tried the same signs in multiple locations.

    I'm also confident this was recently introduced, as I'm placing this sign to change the price from what it was before.
  2. Confirmed. Creation of buy-only shop signs currently doesn't work, this seems completely independent of the item. I conclude as much because buy-only SLOT signs also don't work (I also tried using different items). It also makes no difference if you place the shop sign above or on the chest.

    PS: it's usually easier to use the item ID on the last line instead of the name, this prevents any possible slip ups from typo's. You can use /iteminfo while holding an item to get the code. Another (easier) trick is to hold F3 and then press H (hold it for 1 second). After that you'll see the ID of every item in your inventory when you hover your mouse over it.
  3. We are aware of the problem and Aikar will no doubt fix it today at some point after finding the cause.
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  4. add an S so do :120 S

    We improved the logic on that to better identify prices when people put invalid data on there and must of now required the S for sell only.

    That's totally an opinion I disagree with :p much easier to type an item name like Dirt, Stone, Water Bucket, that you know is the item you want than looking up ID's.
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  5. Actually agree with you here. It's so much easier to type the name than /iteminfo-ing all the time.

  6. Sometimes it doesn't match up to its vanilla name. :p
  7. True, but some names are not as straight forward as others. For example: the name could be Lapis Lazuli, only Lapis, or even Blue Dye (I honestly don't remember which one it is atm) so you still end up looking up names or IDs (and an id is shorter to type, so I'd choose to type the id)
  8. omg the spruce/pine log thing took me AGES to figure out!
  9. Can we fix the pine log thing?
  10. Well... aikar anyway lol. Like maybe over weekend or something.
  11. I respectfully disagree with this change. It's unnecessary complexity. The fact it's a sell only is clear because of the : I put. I can easily make dozens of these same signs every day, so it's just a pain for me.

    If I make a typo (and I have made lots of them) it's most often the quantity, occasionally the price, and once or twice I've forgotten the :. I've never accidentally added a :. Accidentally making a sell only instead of a buy/sell or buy chest - I just can't see that happening. You'd have to accidentally simultaneously hit the shift and : keys.

    At the very least, the error message I receive is completely counter-intuitive. It says 'Invalid amount specified'. How is that supposed to be interpreted as needing to add an 'S' to make a sell-only sign? I can only imagine how confused a new player might be by this.
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