And voila, a success!

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  1. Ah. That feels good.
    Almost at 250 days, should I prepare for an AMA or a giveaway or something? Any advice would be helpful!
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  2. Nice job :eek:

    You're richer than me now!
  3. what richer than you :eek: lol nice one nether :D
    in the give away give the 1 million *evil laugh*
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  4. Welcome to the millionaire club! :D
  5. I may never have the drive to achieve that milestone.
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  6. I feel a better person for helping you out on that mil.
    I strongly advise that you transfer all your rupees to me for maximum profit. c:
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  7. You're the master economist, you know the strategy. Buy low, sell high, repeat. :p
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  8. Did you by any chance mean:
    'Buy, sleep, sell, repeat'? ;)

    I can get used to that title..
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  9. Economists study the economy, they may not have the ability to play the market.
    Buying low and selling high isn't as easy as it seems, you know. There's never anyone who will buy all of your stuff at the right place...
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  10. The economist possesses the understanding and the skills needed to manipulate the market, no? And the principle is simple, some luck, and a heavy dose of apathy. :p
    Buy, wait 4 months, sell, buy some more...
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  11. Yeah. What do you do with the money though?
  12. I suppose an economist would.

    Nah man, I want to buy and sell within a week! No patience for 4-month flipping :p
  13. Golden bathtub.
  14. Diamond bathtub.